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  1. Nov 19, 2020
    Still fun, despite its age, and despite the fact these games aren’t being played the way they were probably originally intended. This year’s version faces an obstacle that could’ve killed it — since the whole point of party games is to play them at a party — but it’s come out as strong as ever.
  2. Oct 20, 2020
    The Jackbox Party Pack 7 is here with a slew of mostly awesome, creative new games that carry the torch of the Jackbox franchise with pomp.
  3. Oct 29, 2020
    The Jackbox Party Pack 7 on Xbox One is a solid entry in the long-running series. Two games need an in-person or private chat to be enjoyed to their fullest abilities, but the other three titles not only fit well into streaming, but they are also delightfully fun to play.
  4. Oct 27, 2020
    A few niggles aside, Jackbox Party Pack 7 is another cracker of a party game. It’s a great mix of word play and creative or collaborative challenges which anyone who’s familiar with a mobile phone can inuit quickly. From your nan to your little (teenage) brother, there’s giggles to be had here.
  5. Oct 19, 2020
    The Jackbox Party Pack 7 features a wide range of games, bringing highly accessible fun to the masses with each funny and addictive inclusion.
  6. Oct 26, 2020
    The Jackbox games have always been a great accompaniment to a party with friends. It is an icebreaker and way for all your friends to get involved and have a laugh. However, some of the games really do only work with people of a specific personality, and its rare everyone is that similar at the party. While I’m not overly keen on Talking Points and The Devils and The Details, I think Quiplash, Champ’d up and Blathers are going to be the main winners here to encourage fans to buy the new pack, making the price of entry worth it – especially if you’ve got a gathering (virtual or otherwise) coming up soon.
  7. Nov 3, 2020
    Playing The Jackbox Party Pack 7 is like smelling a fart after a delicious meal. You'll be reminded of good times but it definitely stinks.
  8. Oct 19, 2020
    I wish I could say more good things about The Jackbox Party Pack 7, but overall I was disappointed by this selection. I’ve come to expect that one or two of the games might not be great, but with three of the games here being complete duds, this is probably the poorest Party Pack yet. In its favour, The Jackbox Party Pack 7 is presented as nicely as any Jackbox game always is, and it remains as easy as ever to play with friends. But when six better games in the series exist, this one’s a hard sell. You can play Quiplash elsewhere, making Blather Round the only worthwhile title – but I’m not sure it’s worth buying the entire game for.
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  1. Oct 27, 2020
    The Jackbox Party Pack 7 adds five new games: the hit Quiplash series, the collaborative chaos of The Devils and the Details, the fierceThe Jackbox Party Pack 7 adds five new games: the hit Quiplash series, the collaborative chaos of The Devils and the Details, the fierce drawing game Champed Up, the speech game Talking Points and the guessing game Blather 'Round. Use phones or tablets as controllers and play with up to 8 players, and an audience of 10,000. Th jackboot series is a series I have extremely enjoyed to the max for every release. They are all fantastic streaming games and a pleasure to play with your audience. The games can be as adult or child oriented as you desire but the one problem that always plagues the series on stream is the ability of trolls to get into your game and ruin the fun with chat and verbiage that break a streaming platforms terms of service. This is to no fault of Jackbox Games, Inc. it is something they can look to possibly fix thru logging into your stream account though. Other than that all I can say is that The Jackbox Party Pack 7 wins again and provides you great fun on your Xbox One especially in the genre of great party games! Full Review »
  2. Jan 2, 2021
    The Jackbox Party Pack 7
    More fun to be had
    The Jackbox Party Pack 7 like everyother party pack is a 5 pack of party games that ar most fun
    The Jackbox Party Pack 7
    More fun to be had
    The Jackbox Party Pack 7 like everyother party pack is a 5 pack of party games that ar most fun with 4 or more players, and instead of controllers you use your phone, and party pack 7 definitely makes some improvements..
    Included are quiplash 3 which is now my favorite version of quiplash, here you fill in the blanks anonymously and everyone else playing picks their favorite, and a las you can pick who your little character is as you play instead of random choice, something ive been wanting jackbox to do from the start, next is the devils and the details, this is a party game that requires a lot of communication, something I consider tobe the spiritual successor to bomb corp, you’re a family doing chores on your screen for points, a lot of those chores requiring the assistance of others around you… and much like the game being about chores, this game is a chore to play… It can be fun for like 2 rounds, but that’s about it… then we have one of my favorite jackbox games, champd upwher youre giving a champion description to draw, and then everyone votes on the best champaion based on the given title, jackbox is usually at its best when it allows you to get creative, and champd upo is no exception… then we haveprobably one of the worst games in jabox history.. talking points, you give a speech while your random partner gives you random slide to talk over while everyone reacts to you, its awful, don’t understand how it works, ot how you ultimately win, but its there.. and the last game included is blather ‘round, a game that’s surely to be a staple in the jacbox family, here you choose a persona place or thing, an then slowly you get more words to give clues, while everyone else tries to be the first to guess, you can also use their wrong guesses to give hints to everyone earning that player points as well.. this game can be frustrating when you have no way to make sense of your words, but it’s a fun frustrating..
    Overall Jackbox Party Pack 7 I pretty solid and with 3 out of 5 great games in this collection, its one worth adding to your jackbox pile
    I give The Jackbox Party Pack 7
    a 7.5/10
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