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  1. May 28, 2020
    Being a fan of horror and not a huge fan of rouge-like, I can attest that there’s something special about The Persistence. It’s a weird combination of genres. Sci-fi horror, virtual reality, and rogue-like. However it’s blended extremely well, even without being able to experience it in VR. It’s something you really have to play enough to enjoy. You might not like the first hour or two, but eventually it will grow on you as your character grows in power. After that it’s always “just one more try”. Overall the whole experience might take you around 15 or so hours to complete. With futuristic technology, scary mutants, and sound effects that will raise the hair on your neck, one can’t ask for much more.
  2. Jun 19, 2020
    The Persistence nails the eerie tonality of a horror sci-fi set in space, but has an interesting enough narrative that stands out, even if it only comes in small chunks when you finally make progress. Mechanically it may be a little clunky with its VR roots left over, but the audio is so finely crafted that it makes for an immersive horror experience, even if it’s one that probably won’t get much replay, if at all, after you’re finished your mission.
  3. May 22, 2020
    Here is where I’ll show my VR snobbery and say that while the graphical fidelity of this version of the game is superior to the PSVR version, the 2D version of the game cannot capture the sense of dread and isolation that the PSVR version has. Still, this version of the game does have enough depth, strategy, and replayability to make it a solid, worthwhile addition to your game library. The characters are engaging and The Persistence provides the proper mood and incentives that make you want to succeed.
  4. May 21, 2020
    After playing The Persistence on Xbox One I’m sort of disappointed I skipped it on PlayStation VR. The game is really well done and is built in a way that every small step helps; even if I die on a level, as long as I have collected something my time is not wasted. I’m fairly open that horror games are sort of a new passion of mine and I really liked the atmosphere in this game and a big part of that is how good the enemy AI is. There is a lot to like in this game as long as randomized gameplay (rogue light elements) are not a turn off. The Persistence is definitely one of the best rogue light experiences I have played in quite some time and I will likely go back and try the VR origins of this title.
  5. May 20, 2020
    With a simple but engaging upgrade system; enough weapons and gadgets to make James Bond blush; and a great parrying mechanic that brings an unexpected rhythmic element to combat, this is one title that warrants a purchase even without any fancy VR setup. Repetition with enemy variety and level structure may mar the experience for some players, but it’s easy to overlook these faults when the core game has so much to offer.
  6. May 20, 2020
    The Persistence cover Firesprite's The Persistence was first released back in 2018 as a virtual reality title for PlayStation 4 VR. It was received well enough that Firesprite decided to port the game to PC and consoles, to be playable without VR hardware. Redesigning a game inherently designed for VR to work well with controllers and mouse and keyboard is no easy task, but Firesprite knocks it out of the park here. The Persistence is an absolutely terrifying horror space roguelike title, from its effective scares to solid gameplay and controls. It's not a totally smooth transition and there are moments where the game can't quite shake its VR roots, but as a whole, The Persistence just works. The Persistence starts aboard a space colony ship and puts players in the shoes of security office Zimri Elder or, rather, her clone. Told from a first-person perspective, Elder must fight against mutants that have seemingly killed the rest of the crew. The goal of the game is to fix the ship and get back home to Earth, which is no easy feat. This is due in part to the game's roguelike elements. Every single time Elder dies, they are "reborn" as a new clone and, thanks to some sci-fi plot device, the design of the ship changes and players must purchase or find any upgrades or weapons they had before dying. Related: Down The Rabbit Hole Review - A VR Reimagining of Alice in Wonderland Like most roguelike games, it's not a concept that's particularly endearing to more casual players, but it's also not as challenging as other, more traditional games in the genre. Plus, The Persistence is first and foremost a horror game and it uses that descriptor to great effect. The procedurally generated nature of The Persistence's maps means there's a new surprise around every corner and with it, a new jump-worthy scare. It's all as tense as it sounds and, as effective as it would likely be in a VR setting, it's just as unsettling to watch from the comfort of a couch with a controller in hand. The Persistence mutant The Persistence's combat is simple but fun, with both projectile weapons and close-up combat available. The latter features a parry-like system that's easy to learn but difficult to master while the former doesn't exactly equip players with unlimited ammo and resources with which to buy them. Simply put, players must be smart and not rush into situations because this is very much not a game designed for that. Crouching and sneaking will be your best friend throughout the game's 10 plus hour story mode and even then survival is not a guarantee. Graphically, The Persistence is beautiful to look at and it's easy to imagine how it would look that much better in VR. Regardless, it translates well here, and it uses its dark, ominous lighting juxtaposed with the technologically advanced and sleek design of the ship to maximum effect. And with procedurally generated areas to add to that, there's nearly always a sense of discovery and awe when it comes to exploration aboard The Persistence and its horrifying colony ship. Sponsored Free on PC until May 21 By Epic Games Store For everything that The Persistence does well, however (and that is a lot), there are moments where it feels too obviously like a VR port. Its teleportation mechanic, which requires players to highlight an area and then select it, can be very finicky and unreliable. One can imagine that it would work more flawlessly in VR and it could have used more of a redesign to work smoothly with a controller. Additionally, the targeting reticle to open doors or access computers can sometimes go into an endless loop because all it requires is highlighting an object. Again, this is something that would be smooth and easy on VR, but just a little bit frustrating on console. These are minor design flaws, however, and most can be overlooked because the rest of The Persistence is simply astounding. It's not just a successful port from VR to console and PC, it's a terrifying and unique roguelike/first-person horror hybrid. And every experience will be a new one, which means there's nearly endless scares to be found within. The Persistence is horror gaming done right, and that has little to do with whether it's VR or not.
  7. May 20, 2020
    The Persistence is still a good roguelite, but it is impossible to ignore to the absence of a fundamental element such as virtual reality in the new versions of the game.
  8. Jun 8, 2020
    The Persistence is a great entry into the survival horror genre, and I feel that it is best enjoyed in the original VR format. For those entering on Xbox side of this game, this is definitely one I would pick up and take in, even though you won’t get that same immersive VR experience from it. The game still offers a great story and an insane amount of difficulty, which will challenge most experienced players. While it is rather short, the addition of ever-changing maps does add to the ‘freshness’ of the short game, as no playthrough will be the same. Definitely worth a go.
  9. Sep 14, 2020
    The Persistence is a good game for fans of space horror, which without PSVR lost a little effect of immersion. However, it is still interesting to play, especially if you get used to the monotonous generation of levels.
  10. May 20, 2020
    Despite the problems prevalent in its control schemes and design choices, The Persistence on Xbox One feels so utterly unique in its genre. Its roots in the VR design have felt like both a blessing and a curse for the overall package, but the good most certainly outweighs the bad in this rogue-lite adventure.
  11. May 21, 2020
    The Persistence offers us an interesting roguelite FPS concept, but it fails in adapting the VR mechanics to the classic "flat screen" gameplay: it ends up in a too slow experience, with uninteresting combat and repetitive environments.
  12. May 20, 2020
    A sci-fi horror that gets better with perseverance, The Persistence is worth delving into, despite more than a few frustrations. Give it time, though, and you'll ultimately discover a rewarding roguelike experience.
  13. May 20, 2020
    The Persistence without VR is an ordinary roguelike horror game, with evident stealth features, a good atmosphere and a decent playful structure. Too bad about a very different perception on the atmosphere of an experience born and created evidently for the virtual reality.
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  1. May 23, 2020
    The Persistence is a First-Person Rouge-Like Sci-Fi Horror Adventure. This game was originally designed for VR, but the port to console isThe Persistence is a First-Person Rouge-Like Sci-Fi Horror Adventure. This game was originally designed for VR, but the port to console is still an impressive experience. You play as Zimri, well at least a clone of him, aboard the colony ship Persistence. The ship is damaged, systems are malfunctioning, theres a Black Hole outside, and the cloning machines are filling the ship with horrible mutations. So, with the guiding help of the only other survivor Serena. The Persistence has an interesting feature, it can rearrange its deck configuration, but the malfunctions have caused it to do so everytime a teleporter or your cloning bay are used, So every time you Teleport to a deck, or die the map changes. You will be tasked with repairing the ships four levels, and escaping the Black Hole. To do this you will use a varied arsenal to dispatch of your foes, and strenghten your clones. You'll collect stimulus cells from enemies and canisters around the ship, and use these to upgrade your clones. FAB chips are used to fabricate new weapons or tools. You can even store dark matter to be used as a short range teleportation. Overall the experience is well worth taking, though I see how it would be a smash VR game. For those of you who love the edge of your seat, The Persistence is a phenomenal game, check it out! Full Review »
  2. Jul 4, 2020
    The game has a gamebreaking issue during the mission "recharge the stardrive". After dying, I went back to finish the mission, only to findThe game has a gamebreaking issue during the mission "recharge the stardrive". After dying, I went back to finish the mission, only to find all vents closed and all terminals locked. There was no way to continue.
    Apparently this was a known issue since i found several posts about this, but no working solution. I contacted the support email but they cannot, or are not willing to help. Avoid this crap at all cost!
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