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  • Summary: In Expansion III: Last Stand, experience the Dark Zone in a new way, through a new game mode with up to 16 players. Join forces to capture and hold tactical locations. Experience a new Incursion “Stolen Signal”, get new gear, weapons and more.


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  1. Mar 2, 2017
    The Division doesn't have anywhere near the player-base that it had a year ago, mostly due to game-breaking bugs and poor support in general.The Division doesn't have anywhere near the player-base that it had a year ago, mostly due to game-breaking bugs and poor support in general. Now, with its 3rd DLC release, The Last Stand attempts to offer more in the way of controlled PvP encounters and a new incursion. Sure, if you love The Division (for whatever reason) and love the chaos of the Dark Zone, Last Stand is exactly what you're wanting more of. The 8v8 gametype puts you in a closed-off section of the Dark Zone and has you fighting for control over 3 different plots (think territories from Halo or Gears of War). While the action has potential, it's still going to screw newer players over by forcing them to engage with other agents that are far-better equipped (gear-wise). This will make it very tough to stick with the Last Stand section of this DLC as it's going to take at least 10 games to properly outfit out-of-date players. There are other aspects to this DLC besides the PvP add-on, but it's the highlight as an incursion is only good for about a week or two before people master them and move on. This is also the FINAL DLC for the season pass holders, and it's a mediocre one. Everything Massive (Ubisoft) has done with this game has been a dramatic under-deliverance of content and story expansion. The narrative is completely buried and the joys of cooperative play feel long gone. The Division, at first, was full of promise and grand scale. But after the shine began to wear off, the game has held little appeal. Hopefully a sequel is in the works with a far-better development team, because had The Division delivered on its promise, it would be a game I'd still be diving into multiple times per week. Today marked the first day I had played it in 2017 and I doubt I'll play it for more than a couple days as Ghost Recon: Wildlands is about to release and it has plenty in common with The Division, minus the multitude of bugs and a fantastic cooperative approach. I wouldn't recommend this DLC to anyone other than die-hard Division fans. It's just not worth your money and time. Expand