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  1. Oct 7, 2019
    Trine 4 is an absolute masterclass in 2D puzzle platforming. Everything about it – from the brilliant use of physics, through the wonderfully crafted world to the constantly engaging gameplay – is a step above most other titles out there. Combat is about the only weak point I can think of, but even that manages to be fun, just not as much as the puzzling. Whether you’re new to the series (pro-tip: the collection of all 4 titles is out on the same day) or a returning veteran, Trine 4 will keep you enchanted from start to finish.
  2. Nov 4, 2019
    For as much as I enjoyed Trine 4, it felt very crowded when it came to mechanics and having to utilize certain abilities and combinations. Yes, you’re introduced to them gradually, but it’s a lot to take in and remember. I don’t think anyone would be saddened if the combat sections were cut, but I understand why narratively they’re included. While I may have missed the boat on the first few Trine games, I certainly won’t from this point forward; you have a new fan.
  3. Oct 9, 2019
    The world is beautiful to look at and the gameplay is nothing short of fun; yet taxing at just the right level. I could well do without the fighting mechanics, but luckily they don’t ever take up too much time in the overall experience. And should you have the chance to play with a friend, you’ll fast discover the true potential of this clever, amazing puzzle adventure.
  4. Oct 7, 2019
    Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is a sequel that plays it very safe – which, in this particular case, is for the better. Coming back to the traditional style of co-op gameplay and puzzle solving that made the first two games so delightful is exactly the kind of refocusing that the Trine series needed after the misfire of Trine 3. Some lackluster puzzle designs, technical issues, and a lack of difficulty stand in the way of it overtaking Trine 2 as the best of the series, but Trine 4 still remains a shining example of how cooperative gaming should be, and is one of the most gorgeous looking 2.5D games of 2019.
  5. Oct 10, 2019
    The Nightmare Prince brings us a good platform game with colourful levels and interesting puzzles. Perfect for all audiences, especially for those who like to play in coop mode.
  6. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Nov 18, 2019
    Trine’s brand of puzzle platforming returns to form in this colourful yet challenging sequel. [Issue#184, p.87]
  7. Nov 4, 2019
    Trine 4 really brings the series back to its roots. It was great jumping back in feeling like I never missed a beat. I knew when to conjure boxes and the physics for the puzzle work just like you expect them to. It reminds me of a 2D Breath of the Wild even though Frozenbyte really paved the way for this type of game years before. It has just been a long time since we got a traditional Trine. I still want to forget the third game ever happened. Trine 4 is the proper sequel to the series and really reinvigorates my love for it. I still highly recommend playing with friends though as that is where it truly stands out.
  8. Oct 14, 2019
    Its puzzles are both simple and clever, opening it up to a wider audience, but switching between characters in order to use different abilities tends to be more frustrating than not.
  9. Oct 7, 2019
    After Trine 3‘s failed experiment, Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is a glorious return to form.
  10. Oct 7, 2019
    Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is a pleasing and visually excellent puzzle adventure, with plenty of variety and a satisfying longevity. The developers could have pushed harder on the puzzles difficulty, but it still feels compelling and rewarding.
  11. Jan 21, 2020
    Fans of Trine‘s previous entries may feel like this entry is a bit overfamiliar, but for those coming to the series for the first time, Trine 4 is a good place to start. This sequel might not reinvent its wheel, but in this case that’s not a bad thing.
  12. Oct 17, 2019
    Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is a welcome return for the franchise. It’s arguably the best entry to date thanks to creative level design, gorgeous landscapes and excellent multiplayer. It may not be a new take on the formula like some expected, but considering the last time Frozenbyte tried that, perhaps this is for the best.
  13. Oct 8, 2019
    Despite some physics issues and dated animations, Trine 4 is a great experience with its magical atmosphere, which offers to the fans everything they could have asked for.
  14. Nov 7, 2019
    Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is a very fun game but the puzzles and combat can be very simple and straightforward. However, this is made up for with amazing graphics and music as well as fun voice acting.
  15. Oct 7, 2019
    If Trine 3 left you disappointed and you’re aching for yet another 2.5D Trine experience, you’ll undoubtedly love Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince. You won’t be surprised by it in any way, but you’ll lap it up from beginning to end. If you were hoping that there’d be something new introduced to the formula to shake things up a little and keep it interesting, however, you might be disappointed. Trine 4 returns to the safety of its roots, and feels unimaginative and unadventurous because of it.
  16. Oct 7, 2019
    Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is a beautiful game, with beautiful designs that have many more possibilities and variety than their previous games, something to be thankful for, but it is still a puzzle-centered platform game, and that's where it works best. The moments of action and the bosses have their grace, they help to disconnect, but the real challenge is mental.
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  2. Negative: 4 out of 18
  1. Oct 8, 2019
    The Trine series first made an appearance in 2009 and even though the third game in the series failed to deliver in many ways, Trine as aThe Trine series first made an appearance in 2009 and even though the third game in the series failed to deliver in many ways, Trine as a franchise is very good to say the least. Each game including the disappointing third instalment has an abundance of charm running throughout them and this charm is what made me fall in love with Trine in the first place. I was hoping then that Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince would carry on this tradition and after sinking a few hours into this game it became quite clear that it does indeed carry on the same tradition and then some. In fact I would go as far to say that Trine 4 may very well be the best in the series so far because not only is it fun to play but it also has done the difficult job of correcting what mistakes the third game made, which in turn makes the game even more impressive than it already is. The Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is the best in the series so far. The story in each of the games has always been good but this time around I feel that the story is much more immersive and no matter how long I played I always wanted to see more. You’ll be pleased to know then that there is lots to see and do as well and I have no doubt that the many creative and challenging puzzles that are present will keep you satisfied for many hours. Speaking about the puzzles I often found these to be very rewarding to complete because without a doubt this game features the most varied puzzles out of the whole series. This in turn then makes the gameplay very compelling and when you factor in the beautiful visuals and sound design you’ll find it very difficult to put the game down. As I mentioned previously the third game in the series was disappointing so what mistakes did Trine 4 correct and were there any improvements made? For a start the controls feel much more responsive this time around and the awkwardness in the previous game has definitely been removed in Trine 4. The combat elements whilst not being completely perfect also feel much more refined and this meant that whenever I got involved in the combat sequences I often enjoyed them instead of becoming frustrated by them. Without a doubt though the biggest improvement and corrected mistake this game has managed to achieve is that it has managed to bring back the series to where it belongs and that is a fun and enchanting adventure with charm dotted in all areas and that’s great because I thought we would never see that again after the third game. Thankfully Trine 4 doesn’t get too much wrong but it does get a couple of things not quite right. One of the things it does get wrong though can be sorted quite easily because the technical issues it suffers with aren’t too profound so I’m sure a couple of patches will be able to eliminate this. My biggest gripe with the game though is that switching characters often doesn’t feel as smooth as it should which did cause me a few problems. This is a shame as well because other than this issue the controls hold up in other areas extremely well. Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince has made this wonderful franchise rise once again and I’m sure fans of these games will definitely be rejoicing. You don’t have to know about the previous games to enjoy Trine 4 either because I’m sure many people who don’t know about these games will definitely fall in love with this game. Yes it isn’t perfect and it does have a few teething problems but when it’s all said and done it just gets so much right that you don’t focus on the little issues and instead all you end up focusing on is the fantastic puzzles and charming world Trine 4 takes place in on your Xbox One console. Full Review »
  2. Jul 16, 2021
    Мдааа, третья часть оставила немало вопросов у фанатов серии Trine, к коим себя с легкостью могу причислить. Прежде всего этот непонятный иМдааа, третья часть оставила немало вопросов у фанатов серии Trine, к коим себя с легкостью могу причислить. Прежде всего этот непонятный и провальный как по мне переход в 2,5D измерение, небольшой хронометраж игры, странная цветовая палитра картинки, а также не самая выдающаяся история, ещё и оборванная где-то посередине. Trine 3 мягко говоря не оправдал ожиданий и расстроил в большей степени. Четвёртая анонсированная часть в этом свете уже не выглядела чем-то, чего стоило ждать бессонными ночами, ибо продолжение экспериментов грозило и вовсе поставить крест на одной из знаковых франшиз нашего времени. Много ли вы знаете сочных современных платформеров, в которые можно поиграть вдвоём/втроём на одном диване и не пожалеть о потраченном времени? Первая часть была конечно сыровата, но идеи были очень интересные, вторая же развернулась во всей красе, и на сегодняшний день она является эталоном как всей серии Trine так и среди кооперативных диванных платформеров для большой компании. Trine 3, как мы уже с вами решили, была неудавшимся экспериментом, и вот четвертая глава приключений известной троицы на радость всем возвращается к тем самым мощным корням второй части. Игра получилась как и Trine 2 очень красочной, с контрастирующими разнообразными уровнями. Картинка в Trine 4 выглядит бесподобно, показалось лишь что художественное исполнение выглядит более академично и строже чем безбашенный взрыв красок в Trine 2. Новейшие приключения троицы стали чуть медленнее предыдущих творений Frozenbyte, ибо упор серьезный сделан в ней на головоломки, буквально с каждой сменой экрана нам предстоит поскрипеть мозгами: направить лучи хитрым образом, выстроив правильную последовательность отражающих поверхностей дабы открыть проход, или те же манипуляции, но только с водой чтобы пробудить растение и создание прочих мудреные и действительно занимательных алгоритмов. Для решения этих самых задач наших героев наделили новыми достаточно любопытными возможностями и механиками. Их немного, но они весьма дельные, а некоторые из них помимо своей практичности наводят развеселого хаоса — речь конечно же о прыгающих шарах Амадея, как-то неоднозначно звучит))) Сюжет... нуууу такой пресноватый получился, сделаем скидку на то что это сказка, хотя те же финны в предыдущих историях троицы, за исключением третьей части, интригу нагоняли будь здоров. В этот раз так себе, если честно. Не понравилось также однотипность и блеклость противостоящих нам мобов, им явно не хватило индивидуальности да и просто узнаваемости. Сейчас спроси у меня кто портил кровь нашим персонажам, едва ли вспомню. Full Review »