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  • Summary: Explore a woollen world where stuffed animals once lived in peace. Search for hidden secrets and customize your character with different animal shapes to solve puzzles. An epic adventure with two very unlikely heroes and a story narrated in rhyme.
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  1. Nov 14, 2019
    What’s most apparent about Woven is that it is clearly a labor of love and the game’s environment is very refined in its structure. It’s clear that the developers spent a lot of effort in play testing, in object placement, mood and setting. It’s a beautiful game with a difficulty that may be in the upper strata for some but an enjoyable challenge for others. If that sings to you then this is your game.
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  1. Nov 16, 2019
    Woven is a 3D adventure where you play as Stuffy a fabric elephant, and Glitch a little metal robot. Stuffy is a clumsy character that is sureWoven is a 3D adventure where you play as Stuffy a fabric elephant, and Glitch a little metal robot. Stuffy is a clumsy character that is sure to capture your heart, but Glitch will do the same while using his smarts to help guide you on your journey. Stuffy will come across machines that unlock blue prints to new animals, by playing a mini game. All of these mini games are the same though. I wish they mixed these up a little bit so it would feel less repetitive. Each animal has it's own set of skills. From the ability to punch, stomp, jump, and many more. You will use all of these to solve puzzles to advance in your quest. They are all adorable as well. You will also discover hidden fabrics on your journey as well. There are over 100 of them. They don't all serve a purpose. Some are just cosmetic to make you look really awesome has you journey on, but some also help you solve puzzles in the beautiful world.
    Woven is a beautiful game. I love the fabric world, and couldn't wait to see new areas. There are so many amazing animals that are woven as well. Adorable sheep, buffalo, boars and so many more occupy the lands making it feel like a place you want to be. You can scan them like many other things to copy their fabric pattern, and this might just come in handy. There are also terrible robots though just looking to attack you. Giant spiders and much more are just waiting on you to make a mistake to gobble you up. You don't die though they just take you to an area made of metal you must escape. So your adventure is sort of like Yonder where you can't die.
    I kind of struggle to figure out who this title was made for though. It is a delightful game with adorable characters and character customization, but there are times when it is really complicating to figure out your next move. So I could see small children just giving up on it if they don't have some one to help them. It really appeals to small children though at the same time , because it is so damn adorable. It also has that childlike feel when it comes to delivering it's story.It is delivered in Rhyme by truly excellent narration. This may even be one of my favorite parts of the game. It sounds so professional , and the game is developed so well.It's another example of Indie games knocking it out of the ballpark this gen. I really have felt Indie games, have out done AAA titles this generation. I hope the next consoles have the same type of access for Indie devs. Xbox and Switch have really opened it up to them to make some really great games.
    Is Woven for you? I think it is for just about any one really. It has the difficulty where all ages will have to put some thought into it. I'd say your kids would love it as well if your the type of parent that games as well, and likes to help them in those tough areas. I think if you like games with replay value it is also a great game for you, because most the Achievements are for collecting, and unless you have a walk through your gonna miss them on your first play through. You will have to play it all over, because Woven has no chapter select. One of it's few flaws. You will have to play the game entirely over when hunting those collectibles. I think If you loved the N64 and games like Banjo and Gex you will probably enjoy playing Woven. Like those titles the controls and game work spot on. I wish they had maybe put your abilities like jumping to a button though. Gets a little annoying in areas where you have to jump a lot doing that combo to get it to work. I didn't experience a single issue or glitch (Well despite my sidekick that is his name) That is really rare now of late. Woven is a quality developed title that I have no problem recommending. If you give it a play let us know what you think. Love to hear you guys and Gals thoughts on it.

    Beautiful fabric world
    Outstanding storytelling and Narration
    Adorable Protagonist and creatures
    Tons of replay value
    Challenging puzzles
    Items to unlock galore
    Spot on controls, game glitch free

    Wish there was just set buttons for moves when certain abilities equipped.
    Would be nice to have a chapter select, or manual save

    Overall: 8.2
    Woven is a fun game you can enjoy with the whole family. The beautiful world and narration really pulls you in, and the adorable characters really put a smile on your face.