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Mixed or average reviews- based on 4 Ratings

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  • Summary: Become the best youtuber in the world! Collaborate with legendary celebrities, explore the city of fame, find out hidden stories, and follow trends to create viral content. Live the life of an emerging superstar: Fame, Fortune, and Fans are waiting for you!
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  1. Oct 21, 2021
    Youtubers Life 2 may be tacky and noisy, but sorting through the mess begins to approach fun. Fewer and fewer of the keywords are confusing. The open world starts to make sense. And then the game’s loop emerges: make videos, get cash, buy equipment, make better videos, make more cash. It’s Animal Crossing in designer headphones.
  2. Oct 28, 2021
    Youtubers Life 2 lets us create our own channel and decide which content will make us the next star of the web. Despite being monotonous at times, it surely is a challenging title.
  3. Nov 8, 2021
    Aside from all the quest issues, I like the idea behind YouTubers Life 2. To me, it perceives itself as a fun and unique gaming experience, though feel like it’s not polished enough to where I’d spend a ton of time in it. While I've not played the first YouTuber’s Life, I think I’m going to find another place to live and move out of NewTube City.
  4. Oct 28, 2021
    While the open-world transition was a welcomed concept it wasn’t utilized to the best of its ability. YouTubers Life 2 is exactly what it is. A YouTuber simulator. A constant grind to fame. Day in and day out it’s the same thing only a different trend than yesterday. It’s the smaller things that give this game life while the major elements such as the story end up lacking in the end.
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  1. Nov 16, 2021
    Youtubers Life 2 took the concept from the original and went nowhere but up with additional features, a bigger world, and a story as well. IYoutubers Life 2 took the concept from the original and went nowhere but up with additional features, a bigger world, and a story as well. I enjoy the game, it's super fun and I recommend the game at the release price.

    The game starts off confusing and a bit crowded but that confusion will soon leave as tags, events, and the world starts making more sense as you progress and unlock more. There are many things to do, you wont be able to do them all whether thats trying to find a mystery to solve, hunt down some hidden truths, or just grind out your Youtube channel.