Notable Video Game Releases: New and Upcoming Image
Find release dates, trailers, and scores for major upcoming and recent videogame releases for all platforms, updated weekly.
  1. Sonic Mania Plus Image
    Sonic Mania Plus is the definitive retail enhanced version of the original Sonic Mania's digital release, presented in a pristine collectible...More »
  2. NieR: Automata - Become as Gods Edition Image
    NieR: Automata is an action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by machine lifeforms and abandoned by mankind. As part of an android army...More »
    • Release Date: Jul 24, 2018
    • Metascore: 86
    Mega Man X Legacy Collection Image
    Mega Man X Legacy Collection includes Mega Man X, X2, X3, and X4.More »
  3. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Image
    Improved negotiation system and budget management. Added a re-sell and clean sheet options, so that strategy is needed not only on the field, but...More »
  4. Shenmue I & II Image
    A tale of revenge. In 1986, teenage jujitsu artist Ryo Hazuki returns to the dojo of his father, Iwao Hazuki, only to witness his murder by a...More »
    • Release Date: Jul 25, 2018
    • Metascore: 73
    Remothered: Tormented Fathers Image
    Remothered: Tormented Fathers is the pure and realistic survival horror videogame. A game by Darril Arts, directed by Chris Darril, developed by...More »
  5. Divinity: Original Sin II - Definitive Edition Image
    Set a thousand years after the first game, Divinity: Original Sin II presents a darker, more grounded narrative and expands on the tactical combat...More »
  6. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Image
    Meet Chris, a creative and imaginative 10-year-old boy who escapes reality with fantastical adventures as his alter ego, the Awesome Captain...More »
    • Release Date: Jul 10, 2018
    • Metascore: 74
    Shining Resonance Refrain Image
    Assume the role of Yuma Ilvern and stop the Empire from exploiting the power of the ancient dragons, including the soul of the Shining Dragon...More »

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