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  • Summary: Cursed to Golf is a golf-like adventure where every shot counts. Players are tasked with making it out of Golf Purgatory to become a Golfing Legend.

    With insane hazards, otherworldly power-ups and tons of replayability, will you make it back alive or will you forever be... Cursed to Golf!?
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  1. Aug 22, 2022
    Overall, I had a great time with Cursed to Golf. The golfing mechanic is simple to learn, but between the random course layouts, hazards, and Ace Cards, actually beating a hole is anything but. Constantly fun, with the only drag being the boss battles, this is an easy recommendation.
  2. Aug 18, 2022
    Cursed to Golf is charming, smart, sounds and plays great, and is full of heart. It mashes up a side-scrolling arcade golf game with roguelike mechanics in a fresh and exciting way. At only $20 US at launch, I think it’s well worth a purchase if anything you’ve seen here has you intrigued. This is one curse that’s well worth the cost.
  3. Aug 18, 2022
    Cursed to Golf is a very creative and far more difficult than expected roguelike. It’s definitely going to scratch your golf game itch, given how truly few there are on current generations, as well as spice up the genre with its unique gameplay and concept.
  4. Sep 6, 2022
    Cursed to Golf is one of those games that I wasn’t sure what to really expect but came away not only surprised, but smiling every time I played. Even though I’ve yet to ascend out of Golf Purgatory, I’m enjoying each attempt, getting better with my shots and strategizing when to use my Ace Cards. At $25.99 CAD, the price might initially seem a little high for an indie golf game, but the roguelike gameplay and high difficulty adds near endless replayability on the links.
  5. Sep 6, 2022
    Cursed to Golf is punishing, unrelenting and a lot of fun. It is everything you want a roguelike to be, with a side order of delightful pixel art.
  6. Sep 2, 2022
    I mostly enjoyed my time with Cursed to Golf but just like Arnold Palmer, I'll be happy to retire with a nice cool glass of lemonade and iced tea because it can be quite a frustrating game that starts to overstay its welcome sooner rather than later
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