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  1. Sep 6, 2021
    All the craziness and narrative talent we expect from Double Fine but the gameplay is a little too nostalgic. This is a good way to discover the old fashioned way of doing plateforme games, but Psychonauts 2 lacks in rhythm and intuitiveness.
  2. 70
    The universe of Psychonauts 2 is as creative and mind-bending as you would expect, but the 3D platforming still feels rooted in the past.
  3. Sep 1, 2021
    16 years after the first Psychonauts, the long-awaited sequel is here. A sequel that feels familiar, yet time improved in every way. Just like its predecessor, we get clever platforming, imaginative worlds, and wonderful characters. Unfortunately, we also get substandard battles, uneven level design and a somewhat unpolished package. It is quite noticeable that Psychonauts 2 is a grassroots-funded indie game at its core, but in the end its not all that hard to forgive the faults.
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  1. Aug 23, 2021
    The whole Double Fine team pulled it off. Psychonauts 2 is one of the best video games I have ever played, and if anything in this review sounds like you and your family's bag, don't hesitate to join me in loving the heck out of it. [Ars Technica Approved]
  2. Aug 23, 2021
    Psychonauts 2 is, once again, a universe of damaged teachers and teaching environments, a space for thinking through dark thoughts with varying degrees of earnestness and absurdity. Its worlds are works of matchless invention, its characters a joy to exist alongside. I might have missed it first time round, but I'm glad that games like this are still being made. [Recommended]
  3. Aug 23, 2021
    Psychonauts 2 isn’t about gunning down the big boss at the end and cheering over their dead body. It’s about understanding that even the biggest asshole is still a person, and deep down they may just need some help. We all need some help sometimes. The key is asking for it. Today, in 2021, it’s easy to look around and see people who seem cruel and evil, and to assume they are lost souls, not worth saving. Psychonauts 2 says otherwise. It says that everyone can change. I’m not sure I fully believe that, but I’ll be damned if that’s not one hell of a hopeful message.
  4. Aug 23, 2021
    For fans of the original game, Psychonauts 2 is a fantastic follow-up that offers a constant tide of twists and turns. Whether you’ve been waiting 15 years for the sequel, or are interested in checking the series out for the first time, rest assured that this is one of the most imaginative platforming games out there, with an absolute flood of joyous ideas and images. [Recommended]
  5. Aug 23, 2021
    Psychonauts 2 is the sequel to a video game masterpiece, a little-known nugget that still deserves all the praise it received when it was released. Double Fine and Tim Schafer had the difficult task of bringing the first opus out of anonymity while offering a sequel that was up to the task. Psychonauts 2 manages to reach this summit, to stand next to this firmament by taking back what made the first one a critical success while making it more accessible. Psychonauts 2 is a generous, funny, surprising, intelligent game with an excellent narrative and engaging characters. However, newcomers may be a bit lost because this second episode follows the plot directly after the first one, while old players may criticize it for remaining a bit too wise and losing the impertinence of its humor. However, the success remains undeniable with regard to the challenge and arouses the desire to get lost in the psychic adventures of Razputin! Let's put on our aviator glasses and go back!
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  1. Aug 26, 2021
    What an amazing game, he can make creative and intuitive phrases, I recommend it to everyone who likes a 3D platform game
  2. Aug 26, 2021
    Sony pony’s are review bombing this game because they’re mad Xbox is getting good meta scores? The game is on PlayStation too what is theSony pony’s are review bombing this game because they’re mad Xbox is getting good meta scores? The game is on PlayStation too what is the problem? But here is my review about psychonauts 2.
    From what I have played so far I really like the game it really gives me the vibes of the first psychonauts but better! A way better combat system a good story and the graphics are nice in my opinion. Some people say it doesn’t look good but if you played the first game you would understand why it looks like this. These are my scores for the game: story 9.5, graphics/gameplay 9, combat 8. I couldn’t stop playing for hours it’s so amazing
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  3. Aug 26, 2021
    just boring. the first levels are fun. but it can't keep you. it gets boring after a while.