Mixed or average reviews - based on 26 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 26
  2. Negative: 1 out of 26
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  1. The end product may not be as flashy or brilliant as other titles, but it is fun. In the end, that's what matters.
  2. Even with the option of taking numerous paths on each mission, once the truth is out there, you probably won’t want to bother again.
  3. 81
    Thanks to a mission-based, narrative design, fine control, and slopes that have a darker atmosphere, Dark Summit really manages to set itself apart.
  4. Fanatics and realists should head for "Amped." Folks looking for a fun, solid game that just happens to take place on the snow will probably like Dark Summit.
  5. While nothing is overly spectacular, the game is very solid, never seems to 'drag its feet', and the storyline always pushes forward.
  6. Another good snowboarding game that quickly becomes addictive -- if you give it the chance.
  7. Play Magazine
    As for Naya, well, I’m not wild about those bangs, but she does have nice moguls. [Feb 2002, p.59]
  8. 80
    If a game’s success is measured by 4 am mornings with Red Bull leaking from your mouth, then Dark Summit is a keeper.
  9. 79
    A unique take on the snowboarding genre...The overall package just lacks a certain depth that keeps this game from really staying with you, and from challenging you, especially as you get farther in the game.
  10. With a more detailed multiplayer mode and maybe a bit more in the way of choices that may effect the game’s outcome, Dark Summit could be a leader in a new series of sports/adventure titles to come.
  11. While it does add some new concepts to the genre, it still may leave you feeling like it wasn't quite geared up for the power of the Xbox.
  12. Multiplayer is definitely a weakness with Dark Summit, and hurts the replayability quite a bit.
  13. The objective-based system works well within this particular environment, the storyline--though incredibly mediocre--is successful in what it sets out to do, and the trick system is easy to get into.
  14. Game Informer
    If only the gameplay was equal of the level designs and the graphics. [Dec 2001, p.105]
  15. Official Xbox Magazine
    Pretty but contrived. [Feb 2002, p.80]
  16. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Yes, the storyline holds the power of cheese, but it did keep me wondering what would happen next. [Jan 2002, p.228]
  17. With some fine-tuning to the graphics and sound effects, and some revisions to the slightly restrictive controls, this could have been an "SSX"-killer.
  18. If you’re looking for something Amped-like you’ll find that the two are quite different.
  19. Dark Summit won't rock your socks off, but it looks good, plays good and has plenty to keep gamers heading down the slopes again and again.
  20. There's nothing wrong with 80's cartoons, and this strange hybrid of snowboarding and adventure is actually pretty fun, despite its shortcomings. Sometimes, two great tastes really do taste great together.
  21. Once you get used to the controls, you will realize the game really isn't all that fun, after the excitement of being "chased" wears off.
  22. Next Generation Magazine
    The game looks quite nice, and it’s by no means bad, but it falls far short of its intriguing potential. [Jan 2002, p.42]
  23. Hampered by shoddy responsiveness, frustrating gameplay, and an overabundance of boring same ol’ same ol’ challenges, Dark Summit falls short of what I think it very well could have been.
  24. Xbox Nation Magazine
    With a bumpy learning curve, Dark Summit is a pain to get into, but once you figure out the (not SSX) controls, you can have fun with it. [Jan 2002, p.90]
  25. Dark Summit sets its sights high, but the final product is mainly just a decent snowboarding game with a weird, lame story. A few cool concepts raise it above mediocrity, however.
  26. The characters and story seem horribly last generation with a complete lack of artistic design and sophistication.

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