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  1. AceGamez
    An excellent treat for fans of the books and soon to be fans of the film. The game covers a lot of territory while doing a great job of bringing a decent amount of challenge and thrills to the masses.
  2. Unless you're a hardcore fan of the book series and film, I'd take a pass on Eragon.
  3. For a mediocre movie to game translation, $40 is just too much coin to drop for a game that can be played from end to end in a single weekend of casual gaming.
  4. 60
    It's kind of a cakewalk. You won't feel pressed to utilize just the right combos for a given situation, and health boosts are generously doled out. Even the highest difficulty is pretty forgiving.
  5. Great things are expected of the Eragon franchise, but this could be a thousand games we've played before. No single feature stands out as special, and the gameplay is all far too familiar.
  6. Littered with occasionaly glimmers of hope, Vivendi's attempt to create a true killer-app sadly falls flat, with most of the game feeling uninspired and largely by-the-numbers.
  7. Gamers' Temple
    Eragon for the Xbox is a good example of why reading can be better than gaming. Buy the book instead.
  8. Eragon isn't an awful game. The problem is that what is there isn't good.
  9. Eragon is about as devoid of passion and energy as any project I've ever born witness to and the very lack of soul robs it of any chance to become something more than a quickie tie-in for a half-ass movie.
  10. Eragon's redundancy and simplicity just offers too few reasons to keep playing.
  11. It feels too much like a light copy of the Lord of the Rings button-mashers Stormfront released a few years ago, only not as good.
  12. 47
    Eragon isn't worth the brief amount of time it takes to play through it. The gameplay and presentation aren't up to snuff and the storytelling cutscenes don't do their job at all.
  13. In the final analysis, however entertaining the movie might be, Eragon is an experience that's better to read than it is to play.
  14. Eragon relies entirely on tedious, unenthusiastic gameplay that's way too shallow to sustain interest for more than a few minutes.
  15. Eragon is a big fat dud, plain and simple. The combat is incredibly boring and generic that the game becomes a chore to play almost right off the bat.
  16. Official Xbox Magazine
    Realistically, Eragon's appeal won't expand beyond its Potter-like fan base. [Feb. 2007, p.78]
  17. For fans of the book and movie, Eragon might be one of those games that you pick up mainly because you've already got the book and have pre-ordered the movie on DVD, but don't expect much from this game once you actually fire it up.
  18. 40
    Feels rushed and slapped-together as a low-budget attempt to cash in on the holiday film release and make a quick buck from the fans before word gets out that it's not worth half its retail price.
  19. Magic may be coursing through Eragon's veins but it's exactly what's lacking from this dreary hack'n'slash affair.
  20. Eragon is a breeze in six to eight hours, and no part, even the final battle, really tasks any of your elite or even rudimentary gaming skills.

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  1. ChrisN.
    Jan 11, 2007
    I rated it a ten because it was good game. It was good because you could go to neat places and fight cool enemies and it follows the movie I rated it a ten because it was good game. It was good because you could go to neat places and fight cool enemies and it follows the movie really good! Full Review »