Generally favorable reviews - based on 32 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 32
  2. Negative: 0 out of 32
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  1. After playing this game you’ll understand exactly why, short of a crate of opium-laced Snickers bars, nothing is more satisfying than leveling city blocks by the dozen with a 50-ton robot.
  2. I cannot stress to how awesome this game is... It is just breath taking, and a great game to demonstrate the power of Microsoft's console, and their new online service.
  3. The main point of MechAssault is to blow sh*t up, straightforward. So everyone who is reading this please take my advice and go pick up this classic shooter.
  4. Official Xbox Magazine
    Control deserves special mention, as it is especially top-notch. Despite the fast-paced nature of the game, it still feels like you're controlling a hulking, four-story robot. [Jan 2003, p.72]
  5. A work of art that surpasses any mech game that I've ever played despite the lack of customization options.
  6. 92
    An action fan's dream game...Every night I play MechAssault and every day I'm thinking about getting home so I can get in my mech again.
  7. Despite some gameplay options I felt were missing and a more expanded Live setup screen, MechAssault is a boatload, no pun intended to missile boat fans, of fun for both hardcore and casual mech fans.
  8. The controls of MechAssault are its biggest asset. I could not believe how responsive the controls are and how easy they are to master.
  9. Just pick up a copy of MechAssault, along with an Xbox Live starter kit, and the wonders of online gaming on the powerful Xbox await you.
  10. A great, easy to pick up action game that will feature numerous hours of play online.
  11. Unlike "Steel Batalion" which could take months to learn how to play, you can learn how to play MechAssault in just a matter of minutes.
  12. A beautiful, addictive, mechanised feast of destruction, ideally suited to online gamers both new and old.
  13. Delivers the best of what BattleTech's brand of giant robot combat has to offer in a highly accessible game that's especially fun when played against others online.
  14. 90
    A blitzkrieg of metal-mauling combat and strategy, purely for stick jockeys. It’s no sim, but it’s not simple either.
  15. It's a drastic departure from the "MechWarrior" games, but MechAssault works perfectly as a console homage to the rich BattleTech tradition.
  16. 90
    Its FPS-like controls and gameplay mean you'll take to it easily, and the slow-moving 'mechs and long reload times add satisfying tactical elements.
  17. Play Magazine
    MechAssault delivers and looks absolutely brilliant doing it. [Dec 2002, p.75]
  18. Cheat Code Central
    Considering how good this game is, you will get your money's worth regardless if you take in online or not.
  19. 89
    It's the online component of the game that places you down in front of your TV, and refuses to let you leave for days at a time.
  20. Game Informer
    The damage modeling in this game is second to none. [Dec 2002, p.136]
  21. It's graphically superior, and you'll feel like you've lost a few pounds after some of the more rigorous battles.
  22. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    In direct contrast to "Steel Battalion," MechAssault is flashy, fast, and instantly gratifying. [Jan 2003, p.198]
  23. Entertainment Weekly
    The controls are simple (just point and shoot), but the single-player carpet-bomb mentality is a bit much. [10 Jan 2003, p.77]
  24. What it lacks in depth and customization it pays back in spades with intense action sequences and a breathtaking level of destruction and interactivity.
  25. The control and missions revolve around simply blowing things up, but after the novelty of reducing everything to a cinder fades, what players are left with is an average shooter.
  26. 80
    Its only real flaw is that it becomes repetitious so quickly in multiplayer. Individual players' mileage may vary, but you can get just so much out of plain vanilla deathmatch before you crave something more.
  27. After a few minutes swaggering around with these mechanical monstrosities, players can’t help but be floored by the intense pyrotechnics and raw power found within this game.
  28. netjak
    Fans of the MechWarrior universe might have the hardest time adjusting to MechAssault’s gameplay. It’s hard to give up complexity of control and the long-standing weapon roles just to allow newer players into the fold.

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#4 Most Discussed Xbox Game of 2002
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 44 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 44
  2. Negative: 3 out of 44
  1. IT.
    Jan 13, 2005
    This game has a poor story line to it. however, the action makes up for it.
  2. LizardKing
    Dec 13, 2002
  3. Damacles
    Dec 11, 2002
    An awesome game, but the multiplayer leves some to be desired.