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  1. GMR Magazine
    The battle system rocks. Not quite real-time, not quite turn-based, but somewhere in-between, KOTOR's battle engine offers tremendous depth while being intimately adjustable. [Sept 2003, p.78]
  2. 100
    It's a luminous use of an indelible vehicle, and it deserves to be held aloft; suitably accorded the very best nomenclature in Gamestyle's vocabulary. A Ten, then.
  3. It isn't one thing that makes Knights of the Old Republic such a masterful RPG, but a remarkable amalgamation of brilliant gameplay elements, jaw-dropping presentation and a huge helping of that special Star Wars magic.
  4. AceGamez
    One of the most sublimely designed inventory systems I've ever seen contains all the information you need about your party of warriors and more, presented in a way that is incredibly clear and easy to understand with the controller used fully to make navigating the various screens dead easy.
  5. To say Knights of the Old Republic is an ambitious stab at turning the Star Wars universe into a deep RPG would be an understatement.
  6. The game changes dramatically whether you're male, female, light or dark, or even try to stay on a neutral path. Anyway you look at it; there are LOTS of reasons to play this many times.
  7. Massive ruins, and expansive forest. The water is top-notch, and the character animation is superb!
  8. Knights of the Old Republic is fast-paced, linear, and consistently entertaining, and the goals are always clear. This was a nearly perfect gaming experience, at least by my standards.
  9. It has the feel of an action game and the depth of an RPG. My advice: Don't bother renting it. Just buy it.
  10. The massive environments are a joy to explore, and the fact that combat and exploration take place on the same screen prevents even the most frequent of encounters from becoming a burden.
  11. 100
    The most complete and all-encompassing "Star Wars" gaming experience yet. Thanks to the nonlinear gameplay and extensive dialog, you experience everything firsthand, and the RPG battles let you direct "Star Wars"-like cinema in a way that's impossible with other genres.
  12. 100
    This is the best game to be released this year, even eclipsing "Wind Waker." [Grade = A+]
  13. One of the most amazing aspects of this game is how the world responds to your actions. It is very open ended, and the decisions that you make during the course of your adventures directly affect the outcome of the entire game... One of the greatest RPGs that I have played thus far.
  14. GameNow
    The delicate balance of combat and exploration is done to perfection. [Sept 2003, p.61]
  15. If you're a fan of Star Wars, you NEED to purchase this title. The gameplay experience proves to be as deep as the engrossing story and wonderful script.
  16. Without a doubt this is the best Star Wars game created to date. Even those not historically interested in RPGs or Star Wars shouldn't pass by this too quickly as it's rare to find a game executed with this level of quality.
  17. It is, thanks to the incredible job on the vocal work and the environments, easily the most involving RPG I've ever played on a console or PC.
  18. The sheer variety of adventures thrown in your path is stunning!
  19. My favorite character personality is an assassin droid who, in calm tones, always asks you if he can shoot the person you're talking to. Or the person around them. He just wants to kill something.
  20. 98
    Environments look absolutely stellar with BioWare's new 3D engine for Knights of the Old Republic.
  21. The story is engrossing, complete with plot turns and surprises, and although it starts slowly you'll soon be complete caught up in it.
  22. The complete package. It is without a doubt one of the finest single player games put together. Solid graphics, and exceptional voiceover work. And bar none, the deepest gameplay I think I have ever come across.
  23. The storyline was fantastic, and there is a ton of replay value here based on two alternate pathways to follow and again, tons of side quests.
  24. This game reads perfect, looks gorgeous, plays fantastic, and sounds unbelievable. Knights of the Old Republic is in a few words the best RPG to ever hit the Xbox, dare I say a next-gen console? It will make Star Wars fans drool.
  25. The one factor of the game that can be deemed perfect, revolutionizing, unique, fun, addictive, and challenging, has to be the gameplay system. Bioware has created a different type of RPG, for the non-RPG types.
  26. A long quest, replay value and the ability to ride either the Light or Dark Side of the Force make this game something you have possibly never seen before on consoles. The story is phenomenal and the fact that every line is spoken just makes my jaw drop.
  27. It's really impressive to see how not only your party members, but all citizens of the planet react realistically to the decisions you make. You get the feeling that your actions are physically affecting others and shaping the future of the galaxy.
  28. 96
    It really is storytelling at its best, without coming across too contrived at any point and opens up the bridge between watching a story, and participating in it.
  29. KOTOR brings so much to the table and delivers to the full amount, allowing for great gameplay, unbelievable graphics, excellent story, and magnificent sound, making it sad when you finish the game.
  30. When it comes to video games based on the Star Wars universe, gamers have often been disappointed by games that lack compelling stories, interesting characters and sub-plots, and truly enthralling gameplay. Not to fear, Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic (KOTOR) finally delivers.
  31. 95
    Stronger with The Force than any George Lucas-powered movie that's come out in the last 20 years and lands on the Xbox as one of the very best titles the system has to offer...Put this up there with "Halo," "Splinter Cell" and any other Xbox game that kept you up way too late or caused you to neglect your loved ones.
  32. Deserving of the highest accolades, Knights of the Old Republic is a dream come true for Star Wars fans, and the most noteworthy Xbox release since "Halo." [Aug 2003, p.94]
  33. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    KOTOR is like the movie we all hoped "Episode I" would be - enthralling plot, marvelous visuals and voice acting, deep immersion in the galaxy's many worlds, with all that noble Jedi malarkey lightened up by old-school "Episode 4"-style humor. [Sept 2003, p.118]
  34. To say that the game's story and gameplay are massive would be a complete understatement.
  35. 95
    Combat is perhaps the most exciting element featured in Knights of the Old Republic. Part real-time, part traditional RPG, Knights of the Old Republic offers an intriguing system for players to dabble in.
  36. It is a modern classic in every sense of the term, transcending the boundaries of film and interactive gaming.
  37. There's the usual John Williamsesque score, but what makes Knights Of The Old Republic stands out is the sheer quality and quantity of spoken dialogue.
  38. 95
    Much to the delight of every RPG and Star Wars fan, KOTOR delivers a game that features a compelling story, robust character development, a well-refined combat interface, tons of extras, downloadable content, and the ability to explore the Star Wars universe and use all the Jedi tricks you could hope for.
  39. Official Xbox Magazine
    Nothing short of breathtaking... The "Star Wars" game that fans of the movies have been waiting for since 1977. [Sept 2003, p.74]
  40. An experience that is concurrently Star Wars and something else. KOTOR is not simply another franchise-supported derivative; it stands as an original vision, independently justified - an RPG for the masses and the few.
  41. 94
    A magnificent mélange of story, gameplay, and acting that takes many fascinating elements of the Star Wars universe and combines them with BioWare's penchant for first-rate interactive storytelling.
  42. The gameplay is fresh and exciting and the interface is flawless. The story has been meticulously crafted and interwoven with intriguing side quests that you are free to complete or ignore. And there lies KOTOR's most valuable feature, total freedom, freedom to go where you want to go, do what you want to do, and let the adventure unfold at your own pace.
  43. One of the most epic videogame experiences in recent years, and probably the second absolute killer Xbox title. And it's made me love Star Wars again. I really can't believe it. [GamesMaster]
  44. netjak
    The gameplay is awesome, the graphics are great, and being able to completely immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe is a force to be reckoned with.
  45. Knights of the Old Republic is a near-perfect execution of a new and bold idea: a traditional computer RPG, done in full 3D, brought to a console, imbued with the Force.
  46. At last, a true RPG found a home in the rich Star Wars universe. Its amazing depth makes today's Star Wars movies look like a sitcom.
  47. It's one of the only Star Wars games to truly make you feel at times as though you're a key player in and a part of this unique and beloved sci-fi setting...The vast majority of Knights of the Old Republic is so exceptionally good.
  48. A rich single-player experience with one of the most developed storylines ever seen in a game. And best of all, it feels like Star Wars.
  49. The well-organized, medium-paced gameplay never seems muddled - even as you switch between or guide your two individualized partners - and the exceptional voice-acting, ever changing dialogue (which you tailor by selecting responses) and truly cinematic cutscenes make the single-player experience nearly as rich as the online interaction.
  50. Xbox Nation Magazine
    In terms of story, depth, and simply humanity, it is the best [RPG] Xbox has to offer. Arguably, it is Xbox's best game since "Halo." Undeniably, it is enough to make the hear soar. Bravissimo. [Oct/Nov 2003, p.80]
  51. Edge Magazine
    The only real criticism that can be levelled at Knights of the Old Republic is that, particularly towards the end of the game, it all feels fairly easy, but then this is a game that's designed to be experienced rather than conquered, and lightsaber wielding Jedi aren't supposed to find things difficult. [Oct 2003, p.86]
  52. 90
    Anyone looking for a lengthy, epic adventure featuring hugely memorable characters, a great script, and superb game mechanics, there's no better place to look than Knights of the Old Republic.
  53. The best Star Wars game since "X-Wing" and/or "Tie Fighter," if not ever. Unless something entirely unbelievable descends from the heavens, it's the RPG of the year. If the remaining major players fumble even slightly, it's game of the year.
  54. games(TM)
    Knights suceeds in evoking the films without simply plagiarising Lucas' stories and characters. With it, BioWare has cemented itself as the number-one RPG developer outside of Japan...oh, and has made just about the best Star Wars game ever in the process. [Oct 2003, p.104]
  55. There were too many times in the game where there wasn't a whole lot of fun. And personally the combat system could have allowed you to have more control of the character without having to give up the RPG elements.
  56. Improvements to the interaction with the environment and further polish to the overall look would have resulted in a perfect score, as it stands KotoR offers one of the most enthralling and rewarding experiences you're likely to have with a videogame for quite some time.
  57. The good things: The ten thousand-odd lines of spoken dialogue. The choice-driven story. The sheer number of quests and mini games. The ability to construct your own lightsaber: green, blue, purple or yellow; double-ended, single blade or even a short and long lightsaber in each hand. This is a game made by Star Wars fans for Star Wars fans.
  58. Cheat Code Central
    A must have RPG title for the Xbox and the best one at that, even beating out the somewhat convoluted Morrowind. In fact, it's one of the better RPG's available on any next gen console.
  59. A super in depth RPG that will make RPG fans and Star Wars fans alike go into complete game overload. Not without it's minor problems, but the character development, vast detailed environments, and the ever-alluring battle between the Light Side and the Dark Side are sure to overcome the blemishes.
  60. The game boasts a truly immersive, compelling storyline that will suck you right into the plot right from the offset.
  61. The missions themselves are excellent and the writing behind the game is remarkable (even surpassing most of the movies).
  62. 90
    BioWare has fabulously succeeded in taking a very PC-like title and making it palatable (not to mention obscenely addictive) to the console audience. The result: the best RPG on the Xbox and arguably the best Star Wars game to date.
  63. 90
    Under BioWare's guidance, Knights Of The Old Republic has become not only one of the best Star Wars games, period, but a wonderful expansion of the story and the first compelling Xbox RPG.
  64. While Knights of the Old Republic is entirely addictive, there are some small complaints. There are no beasts to ride or vehicles to use as transportation while traveling across planet surfaces, the party is limited to three at any given time, and there's no multiplayer support.
  65. If you're still in the market for an immersive, versatile RPG set in the Star Wars universe, then Knights of the Old Republic is the game you've been waiting for. Just be sure to save frequently, and keep multiple saves, in case the glitches strike.
  66. Perhaps Bioware were being too ambitious with the graphics, or perhaps they really did run out of time, but either way, there are moments when KOTOR moves like a dog.
  67. Several unfortunate technical issues hold[] it back. The item inventory screen is pure hell to navigate.
  68. 84
    KOTOR is one of the most compelling games we have ever played on any system -prepare to lose sleep and meals over its puzzles and driving storyline.
  69. Entertainment Weekly
    With its various storylines - some engrossing (saving the universe from Uber-villain Darth Malek), some less so (Wookie grooming habits) - it's easy to forgive the deliberate pace and subpar graphics that represent the game's dark side. [5 Sept 2003, p.L2T 22]
  70. In some ways the game feels rushed as it has a fair few bugs and missing features that are referred to in game. Also the inventory is not the best as it can be hard to find what you are looking for.
  71. This real-time, 3-D role-player neatly fuses the usual stat-crunching with plenty of chaotic firefights, ensuring there's at least something in here for the nongeeks (or at least not too geeky) among us.
  72. Play Magazine
    The game shows high points of inspiration and technical achievement, but there is a pallor of inelegance and flat artistry that too often leaves the work in the hands of the gameplay. [Sept 2003, p.76]

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  1. Dec 30, 2010
    this is with out a doubt the best star wars game ive ever played . it has a fantastic story with great charicters . the choice selection ofthis is with out a doubt the best star wars game ive ever played . it has a fantastic story with great charicters . the choice selection of things to say is pretty vast with some really funny comments to say. going good or evil is a real fun adventure as your decisions actaully feel like they are having a effect. the ability to wield duel light sabors is awsome . the combat system although not bad is alittle bit boring as all you do is hit attack and your charicter just starts beating down who ever he or she is fighting and you do little els outside of toss in a special attack hear and there and heal . the game is also abit buggy not terrable mind you but can get abit annoying at times. . the game is fairly long and will take you around 30 hours to beat which is pretty decent for RPG length . it also has a decent create a charicter section and the game feels like it adds more to the star wars lore . there is also 2 differnt endings which will give you another reason to run through this game. its a very solid RPG and should be looked into. Full Review »
  2. Nov 26, 2010
    Outstanding RPG!! This game defines perfection as an rpg. The gameplay is a fun strategic way to wield lightsabers and unleash the force onOutstanding RPG!! This game defines perfection as an rpg. The gameplay is a fun strategic way to wield lightsabers and unleash the force on your enemy's. The customization is near flawless, and the Story is the best part about the game. I recommend this game for any fan who truly appreciates RPG's you will not regret this experience Full Review »
  3. Oct 1, 2015
    Tier 1
    + A classic RPG that gets nearly everything right in story progression and branching narrative
    + Expands on the Star Wars universe in
    Tier 1
    + A classic RPG that gets nearly everything right in story progression and branching narrative
    + Expands on the Star Wars universe in ways more compelling than any of the films managed
    + An eclectic range of quests, companions, and RPG progression rewards
    - Combat is fairly tedious, though standard fair for an RPG of its age
    Full Review »