Description: In ancient times, a war between immortals and demons broke out, which ended with the fall of the Emperor of Heaven and the sealing of the Demon Lord! Hundreds of millions of years later, the demon king's seal was loosened, and an ordinary boy received the inheritance of the Emperor of Heaven and shouldered the important task of expelling the demon clan. "Young Country" is a large-scale RPG game based on myths and legends. The game is based on the perspective of an ordinary young man, who slays monsters, overcomes tribulations, and saves the common people. There is a rich growth system in the game, such as dazzling immortal spells, cool mounts, magical magic weapons, powerful bloodlines and other systems that bring a refreshing experience of cultivating immortals. There are also more fun and exciting cross-server gameplay waiting for you.


  • PC
Initial Release Date: Nov 30, 2023
  • Young Jiangshan
Publisher: Young Jiangshan