Cast & Crew

Directed By

Written By

Samuel Fuller
autobiography A Third Face


James Franco
Self - Reader (segment "Copy Boy")
Jennifer Beals
Self - Reader (segment "Crime Reporter")
Bill Duke
Self - Reader (segment "Freelance")
James Toback
Self - Reader (segment "Chaos & Bewilderment")
Kelly Ward
Self - Reader (segment "The Big Red One: Johnson")
Perry Lang
Self - Reader (segment "The Big Red One: Kaiser")
Robert Carradine
Self - Reader (segment "The Big Red One: Zab")
Mark Hamill
Self - Reader (segment "The Big Red One: Griff")
Joe Dante
Self - Reader (segment "Sicily Black and Blue")
Tim Roth
Self - Reader (segment "D-Day - an Invitation to Hell")
Wim Wenders
Self - Reader (segment "A River of Tears")
Monte Hellman
Self - Reader (segment "Vision of the Impossible")
Buck Henry
Self - Reader (segment "The Pursuit of Happiness")
Constance Towers
Self - Reader (segment "Grab 'Em. Slap 'Em. Shake 'Em up.")
William Friedkin
Self - Reader (segment "My Ballsy Yarns")

Produced By

Samantha Fuller
Christa Lang
executive producer / producer
Jaimey Perham
co-executive producer


Eric Bautista
production sound
Gary Coppola
post production sound mixer / re-recording mixer / sound mixer / supervising sound editor / supervising sound editor
Paulette Victor-Lifton
audio facility supervisor
Benjamin Rauscher
sound editor / sound mixer
Phil Roc
production sound
Canaan Triplett
production sound
Sabi Tulok
production sound


Matt Radecki
online editor


Barbara Lamelza
makeup artist

Visual Effects

Syd Garon
after effects artist


Jeong Yang


John Ganem
editorial consultant
James Honaker
colorist: Different By Design


Dave Baxter
special thanks
Fathi Beddiar
special thanks
Hélène Cardona
special thanks
Ever Carradine
special thanks
Mark Goldblatt
special thanks
Walter Hill
special thanks
Willard Huyck
special thanks
Jim Jarmusch
special thanks
China Kong
special thanks
Peter Kratz
special thanks
Pamela Marvin
special thanks
Eddie Muller
special thanks
Tim Ogline
special thanks
Howard A. Rodman
special thanks
Gena Rowlands
special thanks
Thelma Schoonmaker
special thanks
Fern Wallace
special thanks
Laura Wallace
special thanks
Nik Ward
special thanks

Music Department

Sasha Birrittella
musician: guitar
Daniel Corrall
musician: Accordion
Paul-Alexander Fuller
music composed and arranged by
Clinton Patterson
musician: trumpet
David Tranchina
music composed and arranged by / musician: Bass, Piano
T.J. Troy
musician: percussion
Chris Votek
composer: additional music / music engineer / musician: Cello, Piano
Brian Walsh
musician: Woodwinds

Camera Department

David Clair
additional camera
Doug Proust
additional camera
Keva Rosenfeld
additional camera
Cliff Skelton
additional camera
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