Pyramide Distribution | Release Date: November 5, 2021
Summary: In Vienna, 1995, we meet writer and covert heroin addict Victor (Paul Blain); his partner, Annette (Marie-Christine Friedrich); and their young daughter, Pamela (Victoire Rousseau). After capturing this family unit on the verge of crisis in cutting, incisive scenes that track the signs of domestic and personal breakdown as they surface in everyday life, Hansen-Løve audaciously leaps across the span of eleven years with a single title card, shifting the film’s focus to a now-adolescent Pamela (Constance Rousseau), living in Paris, as she attempts to sift through the wreckage of her parents’ relationship and mend fences with her long-absent father. [Metrograph]


Runtime: 105 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: https://metrograph.com/live-screenings/all-is-forgiven/
Production: TPS Star
Genres: Drama
Country: FR
Languages: German, French
Director Credit
Mia Hansen-Løve Director
Writer Credit
Mia Hansen-Løve Writer
Principal Cast Credit
Alice Langlois Judith
Alice Meiringer Karine
Carole Franck Martine
Constance Rousseau Pamela Adolescente
Katrin Daliot Agnès
Marie-Christine Friedrich Annette
Olivia Ross Gisèle
Pascal Bongard André
Paul Blain Victor
Victoire Rousseau Pamela Enfant
Cast Credit
Claude Duneton Le Grand-Père
Dominik Castell Le Dealer À Vienne
Elena Fischer-Dieskau Nektar
Franz Buchrieser Fritz
Patrick Mimoun Dr. Noblinsky
Producer Credit
David Thion Producer
Géraldine Michelot Associate Producer
Lola Gans Associate Producer
Philippe Martin Producer