IFC Midnight | Release Date: October 4, 2013
Summary: At the home of Lucy (Asia Argento), a photograph on display of Mina and Jonathan Harker (Marta Gastini and Unax Ugalde), sets off the furious yearning of Count Dracula (Thomas Kretschmann) who sees Mina as the reincarnation of his beloved Dolingen De Gratz, who died over 400 years ago. With the help of his beautiful followers, Lucy and Tania (Miriam Giovanelli), Count Dracula manages to lure Jonathan and Mina to his castle by promising the young Harker a job as a librarian. Only the arrival of vampire expert Abraham Van Helsing (Rutger Hauer) can help restore the small village of Passo Borgo to normalcy. [IFC Midnight]
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Runtime: 106 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: http://www.ifcfilms.com/uncategorized/argentos-dracula
Production: Enrique Cerezo Producciones Cinematogr
Genres: Thriller, Horror, Romance
Countries: Spain, France, Italy
Language: English