Kino Lorber | Release Date: April 30, 2021
Summary: Francis, a 30-year-old refugee, is the sole survivor of a boat that crossed the Mediterranean illegally from West Africa. When he wakes up on a beach in the south of Europe, he is determined to live a regular, decent life, but he winds up in present-day Berlin where a stateless person without a work permit is treated mercilessly. He initially resists an offer to deal drugs in Hasenheide park, but then comes under the influence of Reinhold, his neurotic, sex-addicted pal, a drug dealer and human trafficker who takes him in. When he meets club owner Eva and, after several dramatic experiences, the escort girl Mieze, he feels he's found something for the first time, something he's never known before: a little bit of happiness.
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Runtime: 183 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: https://www.kinolorber.com/film/view/id/4633
Production: Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
Genres: Drama
Countries: DE, FR, NL, CA
Languages: English, German, Portuguese, snk
Home Release Date: Aug 31, 2021
Director Credit
Burhan Qurbani Director
Writer Credit
Alfred Döblin Novel
Burhan Qurbani Writer
Martin Behnke Writer
Principal Cast Credit
Albrecht Schuch Reinhold
Annabelle Mandeng Eva
Jella Haase Mieze
Joachim Król Pums
Lena Schmidtke Elli
Michael Davies Bantu
Mira Elisa Goeres Katie
Richard Fouofié Djimeli Ottu
Rufina Neumann Moni
Welket Bungué Francis
Cast Credit
Benny O.-Arthur Refugee-Drug Dealer
Derek Meisenburg Pum's Body Guard
Faris Saleh Masud
Nils Verkooijen Berta
Thelma Buabeng Amira
Producer Credit
Erik Glijnis Co-Producer
Fabian Maubach Producer
Jochen Laube Producer
Leif Alexis Producer
Leontine Petit Co-Producer
Michael Jungfleisch Line Producer
Peter Warnier Associate Producer
Sophie Cocco Line Producer