Description: The cold body of middle school student Su-jin is found at an abandoned public bathhouse. The father, Sang-hyeon is helpless in the face of his daughter’s death. And one day, Sang-hyeon receives an anonymous text message with information about the killer. At the address in the message, he finds Cheol-yong laughing while watching a video showing his daughter as she is raped and killed. After he kills Cheol-yong in a fit of rage, Sang-hyeon finds out about the existence of an accomplice and sets out to find him. Upon examining Cheol-yong's murder scene, Eok-gwan - the detective who leads the investigation into Su-jin's murder - realizes that Sang-hyeon is the killer and sets out on his trail. [CJ Entertainment]


Production Company CJ Entertainment, ECHO Film
Release Date May 9, 2014
Duration 2 h 2 m
Rating Not Rated
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