Janus Films | Release Date: October 19, 2012
Summary: The subjective/ subjunctive constantly becomes concrete for businessman Pierre Etaix: at his wedding to Annie Fratellini, all the girls he could have married appear begowned beside him at the ceremony; his best friend gives worldly advice on how to handle that 15-year-itch when miniskirted, barely legal secretary Nicole Calfan is hired: as old ladies’ gossip escalates, so do the reenactments of the original, innocent encounter; as Pierre finally dates his young secretary, shop talk ages him before her eyes; and, in a fabulous dream sequence, Etaix’s bed suddenly takes off down the road, stopping to pick up a nightied Courcel and whizzing past other beds stopped for repairs, having accidents, or carrying aromatic farm debris. (Film Forum)
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Runtime: 87 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: http://www.filmforum.org/movies/more/le_grand_amour
Production: Les Productions de la Guéville
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Country: France
Language: French
Director Credit
Pierre Étaix Director
Writer Credit
Jean-Claude Carrière Writer
Pierre Étaix Writer
Cast Credit
Alain Janey Jacques
Annie Fratellini Florence
Billy Bourbon Drunkard
Claude Massot Café Waiter
Emile Coryn Cast
Jacqueline Rouillard Mme. Louise
Jane Beretta Intriguist #6
Ketty France Mme. Girard
Louis Maiss Mr. Girard
Magali Clément Irène
Micha Bayard Bourget's Secretary
Nicole Calfan Agnès
Pierre Étaix Pierre
Renée Gardès Une Commère
Sylvie Delalande Cast
Producer Credit
Danièle Delorme Producer
Gilbert de Goldschmidt Producer
Hélène Desse Production Administrator
Paul Claudon Producer
Yves Robert Producer