E1 Entertainment | Release Date: November 20, 2009
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Summary: One of the most engaging race-against-time films of recent memory. Fix follows the 15-hour journey that Milo, who is filming the entire day, and his reluctantly-involved girlfriend Bella have as they pick up Milo's brother Leo from jail. The trio have until 8 PM to get him to drug rehab or he'll be forced to serve a lengthy prison sentence. Very much a road movie that uses Los Angeles and its geography as a character, Fix is manically paced, as Leo has countless small and large tasks to take care of before he gets to rehab, including visits to virtually all parts of LA with virtually every type of LA denizen. Coupled with his strict deadline, Leo must also come up with the funds to pay for rehab or he won't be admitted. Although faced with time and financial targets, Leo somehow manages to make the most of his final 15 hours of freedom. What keeps the film on a relentlessly exciting and engaging trajectory is not only the speedy performance of Shawn Andrews as Leo, but the cast of characters he, Milo and Bella meet along the way, including married women, crazed lawyers, spiritual friends, unsavory mechanics and understanding police. Add to this mix classic cars, a slobbering dog, as well as Bella's initial distaste for the task at hand, and Fix is a completely satisfying movie. From its interesting shooting style of the entire story being filmed by Milo (director Tao Ruspoli in a terrific dual role) to its touching conclusion, this is a feature film that signals a wonderful new voice in American independent feature filmmaking.
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