| Release Date: September 28, 2018
Summary: Appalachia is no stranger to the complexity of media representation. Since our country's inception, there has been a palpable divide between Urban and Rural America. Within this great divide, certain regions are viewed as "other," and blamed for America's social ills. Since the presidential election, the cultural divide in America has expanded. Stereotyping and slurs are rampant, finger-pointing and name-calling abound. hillbilly goes on a personal and political journey into the heart of the Appalachian coalfields, exploring the role of media representation in the creation of the iconic American "hillbilly," and examining the social, cultural, and political underpinnings of this infamous stereotype.
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Runtime: 87 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: http://hillbillymovie.com/
Production: Holler Home Productions
Genres: Documentary
Country: US
Language: English
Director Credit
Ashley York Director
Sally Rubin Director
Writer Credit
Ashley York Writer
Sally Rubin Writer
Silas House Writer
Principal Cast Credit
Amythyst Kiah Herself
bell hooks Principal Cast
Billy Redden Principal Cast
Crystal Good Principal Cast
Frank x Walker Principal Cast
Michael Apted Principal Cast
Ronny Cox Principal Cast
Sam Gleaves Himself
Silas House Principal Cast
Producer Credit
Ashley York Producer
Bryan Donnell Co-Producer
David Sutherland Co-Executive Producer
Douglas Blush Executive Producer
Jon Matthews Co-Producer
Kayla Summer Velloso Associate Producer
Sally Rubin Producer
Samantha Cole Associate Producer
Silas House Executive Producer
Tom Hansell Field Producer