Olive Films | Release Date: January 18, 2013
Summary: Himizu tells the powerful story of two teenagers’ struggle to live in dystopian future Japan destroyed by a natural disaster. Keiko (Fumi Nikaido) is a fourteen year old girl obsessed with Yuichi (Shota Sometani), in fact she is self admittedly his stalker. She collects his words and wallpapers her room with them, repeating them like a prayer and getting overexcited at spending any time with him. Yuichi is going through troubling times, his mother has left, leaving him to run the family business and his drunken father has run up debts with the yakuza which he must repay. When young Yuichi is pushed too far he embarks on a violent campaign of revenge against society’s evil doers and it’s up to Keiko to try to bring him back to the path of a decent man. [Third Window Films]
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Runtime: 129 min
Rating: Not Rated
Production: GAGA
Genres: Drama, Crime
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Director Credit
Shion Sono Director
Writer Credit
Minoru Furuya Manga
Shion Sono Screenplay
Cast Credit
Anne Suzuki Waitress
Asuka Kurosawa Cast
Denden Kaneko
Fumi Nikaidô Keiko
Jun Murakami Tanimura
Ken Mitsuishi Sumida's Father
Makiko Watanabe Sumida's Mother
Megumi Kagurazaka Keiko Tamura
Mitsuru Fukikoshi Keita Tamura
Moto Fuyuki Tetsu
Shôta Sometani Yuichi
Takahiro Nishijima You
Tetsu Watanabe Shozo
Yôsuke Kubozuka Teruhiko
Yuriko Yoshitaka Miki
Producer Credit
Haruo Umekawa Producer
Masashi Yamazaki Producer