MCA/Universal Home Video | Release Date: April 18, 1986
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TyranianFeb 11, 2020
Tries hard to do something interesting but fails more than it succeeds. Acting is inconsistent.
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JLuis_001Dec 26, 2018
Ridley Scott sometimes he's sublime and sometimes he's mediocre.
Two sides of a coin that in his career is always a random shot.

Here is him being mediocre.
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ssgibsonAug 18, 2018
This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I only like the U.S. theatrical version but only as a guilty pleasure film. This movie really lacks the quest, adventure and battles it really needs. The director's cut is just boring and doesn't really answer any questions like why are the unicorn horns only magical when they're not attached to the unicorns. The battle against Darkness is good but his defeat is lame. You are gonna expect him to blow up in a giant fireball but he turns into five twinkling shooting stars that shoot to the left side of the screen. His army sucks and they either run or give up really easily. His chefs seemed to be his top soldiers but when the good guys meet them in combat they dominate the whole battle leaving you asking 'why were they hiding from them earlier?' The issue with the fairy keeping the fact she can be bigger than she is pointless and makes her really selfish. But Tim Curry is great as Darkness. The set design is awesome, the visual are great, the costumes are well down but Tom Cruise is lame as Jack. Awesome Walter had his performance as Jack number one in his top five worse Tom Cruise performances and I can see why. This film is also the ultimate 'here we are' movie because every time they quest for something its always right around the corner. I even wrote a short story called Short Adventure I published on kindlebook to make fun of the film. Legend needs a remake because it can fix all the problems the film has. So I guess that tells you I don't agree with Watchmojo calling it underrated and I think Krull is a much better film. Expand
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FelicityFenwickJul 25, 2017
Easily one of the goofiest movies I've ever seen, though Mia Sara saves it - or at least she did when I was a kid and saw this. Tom Cruise pick this for some bizarre reason - at least he got it out of his system.
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