| Release Date: TBA
Summary: Mother's Little Helpers is a family drama about four adult siblings who reluctantly return home to say goodbye to their compulsively lying mother in the twilight of her terminal illness. It's based on the premise that no matter who dies, we always find a way to make it all about us.
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Runtime: 99 min
Production: KP2 Productions
Genres: Drama, Comedy, Music, Family
Country: US
Language: English
Director Credit
Kestrin Pantera Director
Writer Credit
Breeda Wool Co-Writer
Kestrin Pantera Writer
Melanie Hutsell Co-Writer
Milana Vayntrub Co-Writer
Sam Littlefield Co-Writer
Principal Cast Credit
Breeda Wool Julia Pride
Cool Benson Nurse Cool
David Giuntoli Dave
Kestrin Pantera Sadie Pride
Melanie Hutsell Joy Pride
Mike Rose Felipe
Milana Vayntrub Lucy Pride
Rick Overton Danny Ray
Sam Littlefield Jude Pride
Tara Karsian Auntie Trashcan
Cast Credit
Rick Overton Danny Ray
Producer Credit
Anna Liza Recto Executive Producer
Breeda Wool Executive Producer
Cool Benson Associate Producer
David Giuntoli Co-Producer
Eva Kim Producer
Jonathan Grubb Executive Producer
Melanie Hutsell Co-Producer
Michael Kaleda Executive Producer
Milana Vayntrub Co-Producer
Sam Littlefield Co-Producer
Tammy Sanchez Producer