Olive Films | Release Date: November 30, 2012
Summary: Set over Halloween weekend of 1987, My Brothers is the story of three young brothers' quest to replace their dying father s watch. Noel, 17, serious, weighed down by responsibility; Paudie: 11, cocky, not so bright and dreams of playing in goals for Liverpool and Scwally: 7, naive and obsessed with Star Wars (despite never actually having seen the films). Using a battered bread van, the brothers embark on a journey across the wild Irish landscape on the Halloween weekend, grinding gears and screaming at each other to get to an arcade machine in Ballybunion. Along the way they are detoured by escalating brotherly battles in an off-beat and moving journey that can only lead them home.
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Rating: Not Rated
Production: Treasure Entertainment
Genres: Drama
Country: Ireland
Language: English
Director Credit
Paul Fraser Director
Writer Credit
Will Collins Writer
Cast Credit
Aidan O'Hare Bob
Andrew Gunkel School Kid
Darragh O'Regan Young Noel
Don Wycherley Dad
Eamonn Hunt Tommy
Jack Archbold Young Paudie
Kate Ashfield Kitty
Martin Lucey Martin
Paul Courtney Paudie
Sarah Greene Rose
Siobhan Palmer Emer
Terry McMahon Charlie
Timmy Creed Noel
Tj Griffin Scwally
Will Collins Arcade Man
Producer Credit
Alan Maher Production Executive: Irish Film Board
Cathleen Dore Co-Producer
Claire McCaughley Associate Producer
Rebecca O'Flanagan Producer
Robert Walpole Producer