Array Films | Release Date (Streaming): March 15, 2017
Summary: Steven Bassem is a young man going nowhere. His job as a valet driver for a fashionable restaurant brings him into regular contact with LA's moneyed elite and their expensive automobiles, but Steven can't shake the feeling that his temporary gig is somehow turning into his future. When Steven’s mother announces that she’s selling the house ­­- the only home Steven has ever known ­­- because they can no longer afford it, Steven’s behavior starts to change in strange ways.
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Official Site: http://www.namourthefilm.com/
Production: Twice Told Films
Genres: Drama
Country: USA
Languages: English, Arabic
Director Credit
Heidi Saman Director
Writer Credit
Heidi Saman Writer
Cast Credit
Amin El Gamal Manu
Chloe Hurst Kari
Jessica Lu Grace
Karim Saleh Steven
Lavrenti Lopes Tomas
Melina Lizette Gabi
Mike Batayeh Sammy
Mona Hala Layla
Nicole Haddad Tamara
Said Faraj George
Taryn Anderson Kari's Friend #1
Terry Walters Christine
Tom Lenk Frances
Waleed Zuaiter Nabil
Wedad Abdel Aziz Abdou Namour
Producer Credit
Brad Lavery Line Producer
Dawn Chenette Co-Producer
Dennis Scholl Executive Producer
Heidi Saman Producer
Kristin Fairweather Executive Producer
Matthew Keene Smith Producer