| Release Date: July 26, 2013
Summary: This Euro-screwball comedy, which plays with multiple genres and narrative styles, tells the story of a Neanderthal Man who mysteriously rematerializes in modern day Germany and seeks sanctuary in the garden of Barbara van Schmerling, a 23-year-old student of Environmental Planning. To save and protect this 'last living evidence of former humanity and naturalness' from exploitation by a P.T. Barnum wannabe and a power-crazed media savvy anthropologist, Barbara takes him under her wing. Failing to protect him from the corrupting influences of Western Civilization, her altruistic feelings turn romantic, threatening either to compromise her ethics, or lose the only person - or primitive - she ever truly loved. Meanwhile, the Neanderthal must choose between Barbara, the only person who loves him for what he really is, and the siren call of fame, suitcases of money, and easy access to gummy bears.
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Runtime: 81 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: http://www.neanderthalman.de/
Production: Constant Flow Productions
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Country: Germany
Language: English
Director Credit
Florian Steinbiss Director
Writer Credit
Florian Steinbiss Writer
Jeff Hixon Writer
Cast Credit
Achim Konejung Harry Patzig
Florian Steinbiss The Professor
Jeff Hixon Jack Gallow
Jon Chardiet Neander- Jin
Jorge Ramírez Suárez Jorge
Kirstin Hesse Erika
Manuel Struffolino Silvio Bellucci
Martin Jarvis Peter Blodnik
Max Tuveri Sergeant Bruno Bayer
Milton Welsh Marc Armagnac
Nela Panghy-Lee Chantal
Norbert Alich Otto Klein
Rick Zieff Martin Arnold
Rosalind Ayres Gisela Kasper
Sarah Muehlhause Barbara Van Schmerling
Producer Credit
Florian Steinbiss Producer
Jeff Hixon Executive Producer
Michaela Doll Line Producer