Description: Breakfast times where the morning silence is sometimes too heavy, where at dinner everything is talked about except sex, where the routine of a contemporary family is disturbed when Romain, the youngest son, is caught masturbating during Biology class filming himself with his iphone. He is going to be suspended from school. Romain explains to his mother that it was a dare the students, guys and girls, have amongst themselves, all for the fun of it. He just stupidly got caught. Sex having been a taboo subject in the family until now suddenly becomes a real subject of interest and we become involved in the intimate lives of each person of this family, the parents, the 18, 20 and 22 year old children and the grandfather. (IFC Midnight)


Production Company Toloda, Monkey Pack Films, Supersonic Productions, Canal+, Ciné+
Release Date Jun 1, 2012
Duration 1 h 25 m
Rating Not Rated
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