Description: The misadventures begin when Sherman, a young, uptight Ivy-League with an inability to stray from his well-planned “roadmap for success,” finds himself hitching a ride with an eccentric stranger and wash-up, middle-aged former athlete Palmer in order to make it down to Beverly Hills in time for a prized internship at a high-powered law firm. The two couldn’t be more incompatible. Palmer is a reckless charmer with a zest for life; Sherman is an arrogant snob with a strong sense of entitlement. Palmer is content reliving his past; Sherman is focused solely on his future. Neither is really living in the present. Indeed, the only thing this odd coupler seems to share is the refusal to accept responsibility for their lives. (Starry Night Entertainment)


Production Company Starry Night Entertainment
Release Date Mar 6, 2009
Duration 1 h 37 m
Tagline One wrong turn can change your destination.
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