New Yorker Films | Release Date: August 17, 2007
Summary: When Xiangyang's father, Gengnian, gets out of prison, he is determined teach his child to live a virtuous lifestyle. But his overbearing rules drive a wedge between him and his son that will last a lifetime.
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Production: China Film Group
Genres: Drama, Romance
Countries: Hong Kong, China, Netherlands
Languages: English, Mandarin
Director Credit
Yang Zhang Director
Writer Credit
Shangjun Cai Writer
Xin Huo Writer
Yang Zhang Writer
Cast Credit
Bin Li Xiao Ji Shi
Ge Gao Zhang Xiangyang - 19 Years Old
Haiying Sun Zhang Gengnian
Hong Yihao Cast
Jing Liang Xiangyang's Wife
Joan Chen Zhang Xiuqing
Wang Haidi Zhang Xiangyang - 30 Years Old
Zhang Fan Zhang Xiangyang - 9 Years Old
Zifeng Liu Old Liu
Producer Credit
Buting Yang Executive Producer
Peter Loehr Producer
Sanping Han Producer
Yong Er Line Producer