Gravitas Ventures | Release Date: November 13, 2012
Summary: The fowl-mouthed villain Turkie is back and hacking his way to find the last copy of “ThanksKilling 2” which has landed in the hands of a group of disturbingly crude puppets. The death toll rises as Turkie carves through the likes of Flowis the rapping grandma, Rhonda the bisexual space worm, Yomi the puppet in search of her mind, and their equally ridiculous friends who all travel through fantastical settings such as the FeatherWorld and Turkey Hell. With the guidance of Uncle Donny, the wig-wearing inventor of the PluckMaster 3000, Jefferson, Head of Security at ThanksgivingLand, and a WiseTurkey, the gatekeeper to the FeatherWorld, our collection of raunchy characters hope to fend off the murderous rampage of Turkie, all while trying to help Yomi find her mind. (Gravitas Ventures)
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Runtime: 99 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: http://www.thankskillingmovies.com
Production: Detention Films
Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Director Credit
Jordan Downey Director
Writer Credit
Jordan Downey Writer
Kevin Stewart Writer
Mike Will Downey Writer
Cast Credit
Benjamin Siemon Mrs. Turkey
Brian Jackson Guest Death 1
Bridge Stuart FrankenTurkey
Christina Blevins Newscaster
Daniel Usaj Uncle Donny
David Cronin Pie-Lett
Jeffery A. Baker Flamethrower 1
Joe Hartzler Jefferson
Jonathan Gaskill Guest Death 4
Jordan Downey Turkie/Yomi/WiseTurkey/Muff
Kevin Stewart Rhonda Worm/PluckMaster/Meowmir
Mike Litzenberg Greg Garbage
Preston Altree Nibla
Roger Ford Guest Death 2
Ryan McLelland Rimjob Rick
Wanda Lust Naked Astronaut
Producer Credit
Adam Vancini Executive Producer
Christine Putziger Executive Producer
David Logan Producer
Drew Ross Executive Producer
Jake Rubin Executive Producer
Jordan Downey Producer
Kevin Simpson-Verger Executive Producer
Kevin Stewart Producer
Kirk Langs Executive Producer
Kurt Stewart Executive Producer
Melanie Miller Executive Producer
Michael Murphy Executive Producer
Molly Dessert Executive Producer
Nick Usaj Executive Producer
Nikos Bellas Executive Producer
Nolan Gallagher Executive Producer
Patrick Canning Executive Producer
Quinn Cotchett Executive Producer
Ricky Fosheim Producer
Sean Tiedeman Executive Producer
Suzie Usaj Executive Producer
William Dessert Executive Producer