Warner Bros. Pictures | Release Date: August 10, 2012
Summary: When long-term congressman Cam Brady commits a major public gaffe before an upcoming election, a pair of ultra-wealthy CEOs plot to put up a rival candidate and gain influence over their North Carolina district. Their man: naïve Marty Huggins, director of the local Tourism Center. At first, Marty appears to be the unlikeliest possible choice but, with the help of his new benefactors' support, a cutthroat campaign manager and his family's political connections, he soon becomes a contender who gives the charismatic Cam plenty to worry about. As Election Day closes in, the two are locked in a dead heat, with insults quickly escalating to injury until all they care about is burying each other. [Warner Bros. Pictures]
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Runtime: 85 min
Rating: Rated R for crude sexual content, language and brief nudity
Official Site: www.thecampaignmovie.com
Production: Everyman Pictures
Genres: Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Home Release Date: Oct 30, 2012
Director Credit
Jay Roach Director
Writer Credit
Chris Henchy Writer
Shawn Harwell Writer
Principal Cast Credit
Jason Sudeikis Mitch
Will Ferrell Cam Brady
Zach Galifianakis Marty Huggins
Cast Credit
Amelia Jackson-Gray Becky
Brian Cox Raymond Huggins
Dan Aykroyd Wade Motch
Dylan McDermott Tim Wattley
Grant Goodman Clay Huggins
Heather Lawless Diane
John Lithgow Glenn Motch
Josh Lawson Tripp
Karen Maruyama Mrs. Yao
Katherine LaNasa Rose Brady
Kya Haywood Dylan Huggins
Madison Wolfe Jessica Brady
Randall D. Cunningham Cam Jr.
Sarah Baker Mitzi Huggins
Scott A. Martin Wes Talager
Thomas Middleditch Travis
Will Ferrell Cast
Zach Galifianakis Cast
Producer Credit
Adam McKay Producer
Amy Sayres Executive Producer
Jay Roach Producer
Jon Poll Executive Producer
Michelle Graham Associate Producer
Will Ferrell Producer
Zach Galifianakis Producer