Oscilloscope Laboratories | Release Date: July 25, 2014
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The Kill Team
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Summary: From Oscar-nominated director Dan Krauss comes THE KILL TEAM, a story about Specialist Adam Winfield, a young soldier serving in Afghanistan, who attempted to alert the Army to the murders of unarmed civilians by his platoon and who, then himself, was implicated in one of the killings and charged with first degree murder. How Adam Winfield ended up on "The Kill Team" – the name the bored, frightened, angry and primed to explode group of American soldiers called themselves while serving in southern Afghanistan in 2010 as they staged incidents to intentionally kill civilians -- is the exploration of this fascinating documentary that includes extraordinary access to behind-closed-doors legal proceedings with Adam and his family as they fight for his freedom, as well as firsthand accounts from the soldiers most directly involved in the murders. As THE KILL TEAM unfolds, we witness a series of increasingly weighty psychological quagmires that expose the hazy morality of war…where the choices are often clear, but the decisions seldom are.
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