Film Movement | Release Date: November 25, 2022
Summary: Naples, 1904: Italian theatre is thriving, and comic actor, Eduardo Scarpetta (Toni Servillo) is the box office king. Known in the Neapolitan theater for his cheeky alter egos, Scarpetta’s larger-than-life stage productions were matched only by his eccentric personal life. Composed of wives, partners, lovers, legitimate and illegitimate children (including a young Eduardo De Filippo, famed Neapolitan playwright), Scarpetta’s home situation resembled one of his comedies more than a traditional family. At the height of his popularity, the comedian risked everything by staging a parody of the great Italian poet, Gabriele D’Annunzio. Booed and hissed from the stage by younger rivals, Scarpetta was sued for plagiarism, leading to the first ever copyright lawsuit in Italy. Despite legal troubles and familial strife, Scarpetta fought not only for his craft but for his legacy as one of the great thespians of Italian theater.
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Runtime: 133 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: https://www.filmmovement.com/the-king-of-laughter
Production: Rai Cinema
Genres: Biography, Drama
Countries: IT, ES
Languages: Italian, nap
Home Release Date: Feb 14, 2023
Director Credit
Mario Martone Director
Writer Credit
Ippolita Di Majo Written By
Mario Martone Written By
Principal Cast Credit
Antonia Truppo Adelina De Renzis
Chiara Baffi Anna De Filippo
Cristiana Dell'Anna Luisa De Filippo
Eduardo Scarpetta Vincenzo Scarpetta
Gianfelice Imparato Principal Cast
Giovanni Mauriello Mirone
Lino Musella Benedetto Croce
Maria Nazionale Rosa De Filippo
Paolo Pierobon Gabriele D'Annunzio
Roberto De Francesco Salvatore Di Giacomo
Toni Servillo Eduardo Scarpetta
Cast Credit
Chiara Baffi Cast
Elena Ghiaurov Lyda Borelli
Gianfelice Imparato Gennaro Pantalena
Gigio Morra Presidente Del Tribunale
Lucrezia Guidone Irma Gramatica
Roberto Caccioppoli Domenico Scarpetta Detto Mimì
Producer Credit
Carlotta Calori Producer
Francesca Cima Producer
Gennaro Formisano Line Producer
Giorgio Magliulo Executive Producer
Mariela Besuievski Co-Producer
Nicola Giuliano Producer
Viola Prestieri Executive Producer