Description: Seth Atkins is the lightkeeper for Eastham Light, located on the deserted outer beach of Cape Cod in the year 1912. It's a lonely job but that's the way he likes it. When his assistant lightkeeper suddenly quits, no longer able to tolerate Seth's bad attitude and hate for women.,Seth is left to manage the lighthouse on his own. That soon changes when a mysterious strapping young man, John Brown washes up on shore and wants to take the position of assistant lightkeeper. The two men eventually swap tales of their past which explains why each of them are women-haters. When they spot a buggy carrying two women heading toward the lighthouse, they hide, a swear a solemn oath to never get involved with any woman ever. But soon the two men have to contend with the lovely Ruth Graham and her housekeeper Mrs. Bascom. (New Films International)


Production Company Cape Filmworks, Dreyfuss / James Productions, Fish Weir Filmworks
Release Date May 7, 2010
Duration 1 h 37 m
Rating PG
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