Description: Maverick negotiator Danny Roman (Jackson) is framed for embezzlement and the murder of his partner and best friend. Newly married and faced with an unjust prison sentence, Roman turns hostage-taker to smoke out the guilty ones in his own squad. Brought in to square off against Danny is the respected and methodical negotiator Chris Sabian (Spacey). Under siege and battling against time, the two lock in a deadly battle of wits, finding that when your friends betray you, sometimes the only person you can trust is a stranger.  (Warner Bros.)


Production Company New Regency Productions, Mandeville Films, Monarchy Enterprises B.V., Taurus Film
Release Date Jul 29, 1998
Duration 2 h 20 m
Rating R
Tagline Chicago's two top negotiators must face each other. One of them is holding hostages. The other is demanding surrender. And everyone's holding their breath.