Release Date: December 23, 2022
Summary: Tempted by living a new life as a professional dancer in big cities, Qu Ting bids farewell to her marriage in a decaying rust belt town, leaving behind her infant daughter Shui Qing. When the two meet seventeen years later, Shui Qing instantly gets carried away by Qu Ting's worldly charisma and maternal attention. But the high schooler is soon forced to face the reality behind her mom’s sudden reappearance and years of unglamorous survival. As dangers loom, she decides to sacrifice everything for the slim chance of reunification.


Runtime: 104 min
Official Site: http://www.chengchengfilm.com/oldtowngirls
Genres: Drama, Crime
Country: CN
Language: Chinese
Director Credit
Yu Shen Director
Writer Credit
Yu Shen Writer
Yujie Qiu Writer
Principal Cast Credit
An Nai Godmother
An Shi Shui Hao
Binlong Pan Old Ma
Gengxi Li Shui Qing
Gengyin Yu Bai Haowen
Huayang Gao Skinny
Jue Huang Old Du
Li Fang Godfather
Regina Wan Qu Ting
Ye Chai Jin Xi
Cast Credit
Ziyue Zhou Ma Yueyue
Producer Credit
Li Fang Producer
Yu Li Producer