Description: Three experiences make an indelible impression in a young girl's childhood: her father's tender calligraphy on her face and neck, the text of a noblewoman's sensual diary (or pillow book), and the discovery that her father is being blackmailed. These three images become a single obsession when the girl becomes a woman (Vivian Wu of The Joy Luck Club) and meets a man (Trainspotting's Ewan McGregor) who offers his body to her, both as a blank page to write upon and as a weapon of revenge. (Columbia TriStar)


Production Company Kasander & Wigman Productions, Woodline Films Ltd., Alpha Film Corporation, Channel Four Films, Canal+, Delux Productions, Eurimages, Nederlands Filmfonds
Release Date Jun 6, 1997
Duration 2 h 6 m
Rating Not Rated
Tagline Things that make the heart beat faster.
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