Buena Vista Pictures | Release Date: June 21, 1991
Summary: The discovery of a top-secret jetpack hurls test pilot Cliff Secord (Billy Campbell) into a daring adventure of mystery, suspense and intrigue. Cliff encounters an assortment of ruthless villains, led by a Hollywood screen star who's a secret spy. With the help of his actress girlfriend, the young pilot battles enormous odds to defeat his foes, who are anxious to use the device in an evil plan to rule the world.
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Runtime: 108 min
Rating: PG
Official Site: http://movies.disney.com/the-rocketeer
Production: Touchstone Pictures
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Family
Country: USA
Languages: English, German
Home Release Date: Jul 16, 2001
Director Credit
Joe Johnston Director
Writer Credit
Danny Bilson Story
Dave Stevens Graphic Novel "The Rocketeer"
Paul De Meo Story
William Dear Story
Principal Cast Credit
Bill Campbell Cliff
Jennifer Connelly Jenny
Cast Credit
Alan Arkin Peevy
Don Pugsley Goose
Ed Lauter Fitch
Eddie Jones Malcolm
James Handy Wooly
John Lavachielli Rusty
Jon Polito Bigelow
Nada Despotovich Irma
Paul Sorvino Eddie Valentine
Robert Miranda Spanish Johnny
Terry O'Quinn Howard Hughes
Timothy Dalton Neville Sinclair
William Sanderson Skeets
Producer Credit
Charles Gordon Producer
Dave Stevens Co-Producer
Larry J. Franco Executive Producer
Lawrence Gordon Producer
Lisa Bailey Associate Producer
Lloyd Levin Producer