Description: Following the mysterious death of his aunt, power lawyer Bryan Becket moves into the elderly woman's purportedly haunted Victorian mansion. A die hard skeptic, he dismisses one eerie incident after another, until the haunting turns so personal and vicious, Becket's cool, unemotional veneer begins to unravel. Whispers in the night, things he sees in the darkness, clues of a horrible secret, turn our rationalist into a terrified and reluctant seeker. A seeker of a truth so unspeakable it could destroy him. And the mystery, always just out of reach down the darkened hall, is not fully revealed until the film's final moments. And even then, it leaves a tantalizing question. (IFC Films)


Production Company Day Dreamer Films, Intrinsic Value Films, Saratoga Studios, Supergirlreally...
Release Date May 1, 2009
Duration 1 h 29 m
Rating Not Rated
Tagline what do you believe?
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