Netflix | Release Date: May 8, 2019
Summary: In honor of Rebecca (Rachel Dratch)’s 50th birthday, Abby (Amy Poehler) plans a scenic Napa getaway with their best, longtime friends. Workaholic Catherine (Ana Gasteyer), post-op Val (Paula Pell), homebody Jenny (Emily Spivey), and weary mom Naomi (Maya Rudolph) are equally sold on the chance to relax and reconnect. Yet as the alcohol flows, real world uncertainties intrude on the punchlines and gossip, and the women begin questioning their friendships and futures. [Netflix]
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Runtime: 103 min
Rating: Rated R for crude sexual content, language and some drug material
Official Site: https://www.netflix.com/title/80194950
Production: Paper Kite Productions
Genres: Comedy
Country: US
Language: English