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  1. 90
    Despite a shared Giorgio Moroder influence, they are more DAF meets Soft Cell and early Detroit techno than a 21st century Human League.
  2. Though the steaming electro missives of 604 can sound a bit uniform at times, Ladytron's buzzing bin of automaton female vocals and retro machine accompaniment intoxicates with illicit ease.
  3. Ladytron slide perfectly vacuum-moulded from the Kraftwerk production line, a brand new model of synthesised splendour, power songwriting, and industrial dance shudderings. 'He Took Her To A Movie', 'The Way That I Found You' and 'Jet Age' capture the exotic Teutonic soul of 'Don't You Want Me' or 'The Model' while sounding thrillingly modern.
  4. Ladytron's most interesting aspect is their mix of retro songwriting with distinctly modern themes.
  5. Magnet
    Simplicity never sounded so sinister. [#49, p.78]
  6. Alternative Press
    The obvious touchstones here are Gary Numan, Magazine, and Kraftwerk... [March 2001, p.73]
  7. If Kurt Cobain had been popular in high school, Ronald Reagan had funneled billions of dollars into improving America's inner cities and the Chemical Brothers had found fulfilling positions in video rental management, all albums might sound like 604.
  8. Ladytron's musical interests stretch back before MTV, to '70s Bowie, Roxy Music, Kraftwerk and Cluster. They're like an unabridged Encyclopedia of musical Eurotrash with a sharp pop sensibility. And with 604, they've made a fine debut full-length.
  9. So yes, it has that retro-futuristic edge, but what sets 604 apart is the distinct lack of kitsch.
  10. Urb
    The music is accessible and poppy without dumbing-down the analog arrangements or their coffeehouse terrorist aesthetic. [#84, p.114]
  11. Unlike fellow retro-futurists Chicks on Speed and Sylvester Boy, Ladytron doesn't completely upend new wave conventions to make a jarring artistic statement, nor are its songs as transcendent as those penned by Stephin Merritt (the Magnetic Fields) for his Future Bible Heroes project. Regardless, "604" is a smart, frisky, and invigorating listen...

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Universal acclaim- based on 12 Ratings

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  1. DavidG.
    May 22, 2001
    This is the debut album from Ladytron with the minimalist title "604". This is undoubtedly the best UK electro-pop band of the moment. They This is the debut album from Ladytron with the minimalist title "604". This is undoubtedly the best UK electro-pop band of the moment. They originate from Liverpool, but one of the female singers is from Bulgaria. The music is a potent and nostalgic mix of Add-N-to-X, Stereolab, St. Etienne, Human League and Kraftwerk. My favourites are "Another Breakfast with You" which smells of Air's "Sexy Boy" and "This is our Sound" - a pure-pop anthem for the new electro-generation. Full Review »
  2. mc
    May 6, 2001
    Simply great.