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  • Summary: The latest full-length release from electronic producer Moby features guest appearances by J.P. Bimeni, Choklate, India Carney, Danae, Akemi Fox, Gaidaa, José James, Aynzli Jones, Lady Blackbird, Brie O'Banion, Raquel Rodriguez, serpentwithfeet, and Benjamin Zephaniah.
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  • Record Label: Mute
  • Genre(s): Electronic, House, Electronica, Downtempo, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Club/Dance, Jungle/Drum'n'Bass
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  1. Jun 14, 2024
    Nothing feels forced, the tunes’ order plays like a summary of a night long DJ set that starts slow and ends at the crack of dawn with downtempo/trip hop. Some are highlights, others fly by making less of an impact, yet they are not throwaways. Despite being released as separate singles, the LP plays very well as a whole.
  2. Jun 14, 2024
    Not quite unshackling himself from the past, ‘always centered at night’ is a rewarding experience which will do much to push back unjust preconceptions.
  3. Jun 14, 2024
    For an album that spans multiple styles and features a different guest vocalist on every song, Always Centered at Night is consistently passionate and spiritual.
  4. Uncut
    Jun 14, 2024
    This luxuriant collection is one of Moby's most consistently inviting and uplifting in years. [Jul 2024, p.38]
  5. 70
    His creatively unrestrained approach results in a record that is hotch-potch but also one that contains several stirring, noteworthy songs.
  6. Record Collector
    Jul 15, 2024
    The results occasionally come within touching distance of essential. .... Yet more often than not it resembles a New York-flavoured spin in the retro coffee table house of Zero 7 or Lamb. [Aug 2024, p.105]
  7. Jun 14, 2024
    There’s no doubt that tracks like Full Back and Sweet Moon make for nice background music, but after 60 minutes of songs that sound pretty similar, they seem a bit inessential.