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  1. Here's an album where the marriage ballads are so meaty and convincing that the two exceptionally well-turned breakup songs seem like formal exercises, where a comedy number about fishing and beer would sound just dandy if there weren't so many subtler laughs on the agenda.
  2. Here, he drops that lovable detritus, going for constant home runs.
  3. 90
    On American Saturday Night, Paisley extends a hot streak began with 2003's "Mud on the Tires," singing about regular life in the USA wit and charm that make suburbs sound like heaven on earth.
  4. On the whole, American Saturday Night is one of his dreamier albums, filled with swaying slow dances, sweet love tunes, and the occasional brokenhearted blues, all delivered with a worn-in ease.
  5. It's very much a smartly produced album that, while adhering to the blueprint for commercial-radio country music, successfully lassos a loose party vibe.
  6. American stands as perhaps the most consistent set of material Paisley has committed to record.
  7. Paisley hits all the right notes, literally and figuratively, weighing in on skinny dippin', beer, fishing, technology, children and women, among other all-American topics.
  8. His new disc offers a typically appealing mix: prom ballads, gospel-tinged weepers, odes to fatherhood and plentiful yuks. But the heart of it is a double shot of widescreen optimism.
  9. It's the best album yet from one of country music's biggest hit-makers.
  10. This is a terrific and subtly clever album, a(nother) spirited and worthwhile challenge by Paisley to the prejudices of both sides of country's enduring schism.
  11. Mr. Paisley's songs are better when they're more abstract. The title track celebrates America as a mongrel nation, but it mostly expresses that thought through our playtime consumption: Dutch beer, Canadian bacon, Brazilian leather. A very big thought is being missed here.
  12. Q Magazine
    From sterling ballads to punchy rockers, it's a classy set. But the initail post-Obama musings of Welcome To The Future already seem dated and, as ever, it's hard to know where the buyer will come from. [Aug 2010, p.124]
  13. Uncut
    American Saturday Night has its fair share of hokum but proves that Paisley has a tough baritone voice and is a mean, bluesy guitarist. [Aug 2010, p.92]
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  1. CalebB
    Jul 24, 2009
    For someone who greatly despises Top-40 country music, American Saturday Night is an example that country can be commercial while still being For someone who greatly despises Top-40 country music, American Saturday Night is an example that country can be commercial while still being extremely good and meaningful without getting cliche or sappy. Paisley will shine brightly this year. Maybe his best record to date. Full Review »
  2. BenW
    Jul 7, 2009
    Brad's best album to date.
  3. ElizabethM
    Jul 7, 2009
    Brad has given us a true treasure and an awesome piece of himself, Thanks Brad for yet another gem!!!