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  1. Mojo
    Aug 18, 2022
    A trip that feel like it's over way too soon. [Sep 2022, p.89]
  2. Aug 18, 2022
    Though composed and demo'ed in disparate, less than ideal circumstances, Ancient Astronauts is remarkably holistic in its execution, revealing the band's arrival at yet another creative peak.
  3. Aug 18, 2022
    This is yet another strong release from a veteran crew whose mature-era output puts the vast majority of bands of their tenure to shame. Additionally, as a relatively trim outing and with its inherent jamminess (that’s a word), Ancient Astronauts can serve well as a solid first experience for Motorpsycho novices.
  4. 70
    A lockdown album like no other. ... From full-blown fuzz-pedal rock monster to drones and shimmering interplay, highs and stupefying lows. [Aug 2022, p.66]

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