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  • Summary: The debut solo full-length release for BADBADNOTGOOD's multi-instrumentalist Leland Whitty features contributions from bandmates Chester Hansen and Alexander Sowinski, as well as Julian Anderson Bowes, Matthew Tavares, and his brother, Lowell Whitty.
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  1. Mojo
    Jan 20, 2023
    The flittering hooks of Whitty's first solo outing impact with tender grace. [Feb 2023, p.90]
  2. Jan 20, 2023
    These songs have a light-hearted nature to them that is overtly pleasant without sounding like they’re trying to be. While this approach doesn’t leave much room for experimentation, it does leave us with a consistent, exciting, easily enjoyable album that toes the line between spacious ambiance and robust arrangements.
  3. Jan 20, 2023
    From the self-deprecating shrug of a title to its brief run time, the aesthetic details of Anyhow suggest a musical trifle. But the reality is a work of profound detail, fascinating musical textures, melodic twists, and stylistic ambiguity that is more diamond dust than pocket lint.
  4. Uncut
    Jan 20, 2023
    A fairly ravishing seven-song set of instrumental jazz that reveals a softer, more considered side to the multi-instrumentalist. [Mar 2023, p.36]