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  • Summary: The fourth album for the Portland, Oregon-based artist features Tara Jane O’Neill, Lori Goldston, and The Decemberists' Chris Funk as guest musicians.

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Remember we held you Our bodies pressed against you We required nothing more Than what you provided for The rings they tell me How sickness befell... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. It’s a Giving Tree scenario, spun out with strings and a subdued power-ballad build, and it sets the stage for the worldly decay catalogued throughout (a)spera with the help of several gifted collaborators.
  2. In what’s been a tremendous year for female singers thus far (see releases from Marissa Nadler, Bat For Lashes, Emmy The Great and fellow Portland-er Laura Gibson), this is yet another to add to the pile.
  3. Alternative Press
    Although short of a masterpiece, (a)spera is Mirah's most satisfying start-to-finish disc since her 2001 solo breakthrough. [Apr 2009, p.135]
  4. Throughout, Mirah picks her soft, knowing way through songs that soothe even as they challenge. Her melodies curl gently up into question marks, as she asks you to make sense of life and love and loss.
  5. This kind of sophisticated indie pop and singer/songwriter territory is all her own, and (A)spera holds almost as much wisdom as it does hope.
  6. (a)spera is the sound of a musician accomplishing the challenges she has set herself, both musically and communicatively.
  7. 70
    On her fourth album, Portland, Oregon singer/songwriter Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn expands her sound palette, somehow adapting a Carnival parade for the otherwise restrained "Country of the Future."

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  1. JeremyF
    Mar 15, 2009
    Her fourth album starts out with one of the best songs she's ever written, "Generosity," with its subtly complex melody curling up Her fourth album starts out with one of the best songs she's ever written, "Generosity," with its subtly complex melody curling up inside your ears. "The World is Falling" has a distant and eerie humming that radiates softly below is cool exterior. It's a wonderful effect. Simpler songs like "Gone are the Days" and "While We Have the Sun" are gentle numbers that, while don't match up in scope to others (ie: the immense "Forest"), they are emotionally just as great. "Shells" has excellent instrumentation that is perhaps even more captivating than the vocals of the track, though the melody she sings is enchanting and gracefully stunning. All this is grand, but the real highlight of the album is third track, "Education." Mirah sings about the "education" she obtained from being with someone that she finally realized she wasn't happy being with. The lyrics are brief but ultimately relatable and touching, and her prsitine voice is staggering. (a)spera is a wonder of an album, and probably Mirah's best since Advisory Committee. Expand

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