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  1. The Wire
    Frankly, the guy defies you not to be impressed by what he's got. [#234, p.53]
  2. Cex's production style favors an air of deep melancholy and foreboding, similar to the style of the Anticon Collective.
  3. Urb
    The camp is still there, only now there's a newfound confidence (not to mention skill level) that make this one a winner. [Aug 2003, p.90]
  4. Cex played with Mogwai last year, and the experience seems to have had a profound effect on him. The best moments of the late nineties Scottish post-rock explosion seem apparent here, and there are even hints at prime Arab Strap, which is of course quite brilliant.
  5. Alternative Press
    Boasts the accessibility and ambition of a true star. [Jul 2003, p.124]
  6. It would have been nice if Kidwell had stuck to his white-schlep soul man routine throughout, instead of gesturing back to earlier electronic or acoustic-based instrumental work.
  7. There are so many types of music he's experimenting with on this album, not even from track to track but within each song.
  8. Blender
    He orchestrates IDM glitch, acoustic guitars, strings, hip-hop beats, witty rhymes and emo candor with casual, genre-blending assurance. [#17, p.133]
  9. An odd, compelling hybrid of snappy drum loops, digital atmospherics and indie-rock woodshedding.
  10. Musically, it’s far and away ahead of most hip-hop artists, and lyrically, it’s a clever approach that goes beyond the heart-on-your-sleeve indie-rock lyricsheet.
  11. It's not always pretty, but even the mistakes have a remarkable charm.
  12. If Tall Dark and Handcuffed was Cex's Slim Shady LP then Being Ridden is most-assuredly his Marshall Mathers LP -- the point at which the protagonistic and absurd becomes personal and nihilistic.
  13. An ambitious, sometimes awkward mish-mash of soul-baring, ego-blaring, and everything in-between.
  14. Being Ridden is not a great album, because these kinds rarely are. Kidwell’s vision is born of confusion and disarray, so it’s only natural that his art would follow suit.
  15. Mojo
    Cex moves slightly away from his former snot and swagger towards more humble inflection. [Jun 2003, p.108]
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  1. RickyV
    Jun 7, 2003
    Great album. Kidwell shows a lot of promise for his career. Tracks like "The Marriage" and "Stamina" help prove why his IDM background give Great album. Kidwell shows a lot of promise for his career. Tracks like "The Marriage" and "Stamina" help prove why his IDM background give him a solid base for hip-hop. Full Review »