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  • Summary: The British duo of Theo Keating and Simon Lord releases their first full-length album together.
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    Lovers of perverse pop, rejoice! [Summer 2008, p.92]
  2. Sure there’s a lot of questionable ethical implications with The Black Ghosts mixed in with a good ones, but a goth band with a rock conscious is successful even if their success in breaking through the mold of navel-gazing is Pyrrhic.
  3. Though a few songs border on being filler, The Black Ghosts is still a promising debut.
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    This debut from electro rocker Simon Lord (Simian) and Big Beat vet Theo "DJ Touché" Keating (the Wiseguys) has a sinister allure when Keating's dark, steely disco productions are paired with Lord's whiny, desperate alto ("I Want Nothing," "I Don't Know").
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    If you’re interested in Keating’s deck work or Lord’s acid rock breakbeat, their Black Ghosts mixtape will set you straight, but this partnership has manifested considerably deeper songwriting skills for both of these guys.
  6. The result is a schizo split between album and single: While you’ve got ten tracks that other bands have done bigger and better before, you’ve still got one that’s untouchably singular enough you want to root for the guys, even when they seem to be fighting their own best interests.
  7. I'm not going to pretend I know anything about dance, and the experts out there might be thinking this album features the 'tune' of the summer, but for a former Simian fan, this is nothing but a huge disappointment.

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